Back to Work and Joining the Rebellion

Hi Blogland!

It’s good to be back at it. Also, it’s really nice not having a list of homework three miles long. Already today I’ve read through the first round of edits for Hunting Storm and given my feedback to the editor. I wrote that story in such a frenzy that I didn’t remember much of the details. I was reading through and I’d think, “wow, this bit is great! Leah must have made some changes.” Then I’d check the original only to find it untouched.

I wrote that awesome line. In fact, I wrote that awesome story! I am beyond excited to see the final product!

So, after this blog post I’ll be cracking open A Stranger Comes Knocking, my new short story for Caladria. I’ve got a good concept for it so far, but nothing too concrete. I don’t want to say too much, but it involves elves, which is just cool in an of itself.

In other news, I’ve started reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café. It’s weird. Which is funny coming from someone who usually reads Speculative Fiction. But, I don’t dislike it. I do worry for the rest of the Book Club though. It’s such a different direction than the last book, and not at all like the next few books. Kayla, our resident non-reader, is having a hard time with it, and even I find myself eying The Star Scroll instead. But, I will power through.

I’ve been in a huge Cage The Elephant funk. These guys are just too great for me to turn off. If you haven’t checked out their newest album, I recommend it. It’s a lot more mellow than their past efforts. They’re a weird band. You can’t listen to them once and know how you feel about it. Their albums demand multiple listens and reflection. And after two or three listens, the songs that seemed too harsh, or just plain weird, suddenly make sense and become some of your favorites. It’s music that grows on you until it becomes a part of you. Suddenly you’re walking around work humming and bobbing your head because the need for Cage The Elephant is too persistent to ignore. I’m obsessed, but, that’s my MO.

Last night I finally started watching Community. This requires some back story.

I have seen clips of this show, and discussed it in classes, but never actually watched it. I have this thing about watching shows from the pilot forward. I can’t start somewhere in the middle. So, when Community started, I missed the beginning, and then it became a Hulu exclusive. We had cable, a DVR, and Netflix. We weren’t going to pay for Hulu too.

And so, it seemed I would never watch Community.

And then we rebelled against Comcast. They were charging us $145/mo. for cable, internet, and a DVR. Our due date shifted randomly, and our monthly bill would fluctuate. I was over it. So we cancelled our service, thinking to join the rebellion with Century Link and dishNetwork. Only to discover that our apartment suffers from a case of arboritis.

Our unit is completely surrounded by giant trees, because Oregon is gorgeous. But, that means no satellite signal, no matter where we put the damn dish. Which means, no cable.

So, suddenly we were left with just Netflix and the internet. And I talked my husband into a GameFly subscription and a HuluPlus account. For about $80/mo. we have high speed internet and every game, movie, and TV show we could want. Why people still succumb to cable companies is a mystery to me.

And so I finally started Community. It’s brilliant. Beyond brilliant. It is my favorite thing on the planet right now, my husband a close second, and only then because he loves Community too. The characters are written and performed to perfection. I laugh out loud multiple times every episode, and the Bromance between Ahbed and Troy puts JD and Turk to shame.

Anyway, I must defer my raptures, otherwise I’ll watch the show instead of start writing A Stranger Comes Knocking. Can’t have that now.

In other other news, I applied for a seasonal position at my local library. It’s a lead position and the pay grade is just crazy good. I’m qualified for it, though my lack of library experience could be my downfall. I need to take a crash course in Library Science, and a refresher on the Dewey Decimal System. But, it turns out that I know someone who works in the same department, and he offered to put in a good word for me.

I’m really excited about it, but I’m trying to keep my hopes in check. It’s hard to land City jobs, and I don’t want to start dreaming about what that pay grade could do for us.

But, I’ve always thought working in a Library would be awesome. Quiet, with solitude, but enough human interaction to keep you from going all “Here’s Johnny!” I’ve got the customer service and leadership skills they’re looking for, and I’ve got the passion about books and literacy to make a difference in my community. I just hope I get a call back for the interview. The experience would be invaluable.

Plus, the added cash flow could really make a dent in all this stupid credit card debt.

Anyway, I’ve got a short story to start!

I’ll see you around Blogland!

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