Goals Summary 2018 – Wk 22

Ahoy Blogland!

It is a quintessential spring day here in the Pacific Northwest. Sunshine, wind, a smattering of clouds, and a comfortable 70ish degrees. It makes sitting still difficult,  but I’ll see what I can manage.

Last Week

  • Publish two blog posts
  • Write 500 words/day on The Steel Armada
  • Finish reading The Master Magician
  • Review Madhu’s pages

How’d I do?

  • Publish two blog posts
  • Write 500 words/day on The Steel Armada
    • Yes! I didn’t think I was going to cross the finish line this week, but the writing came very easily last night, giving my word count the boost it so desperately needed.
  • Finish reading The Master Magicianmaster magician
    • Yep! I managed to sit my butt down and give this book a chance. Turns out, the last 70 pages are by far the best. But, I’ll talk about that in more detail later this week.
  • Review Madhu’s pages
    • Of course! This is the one thing I always do. Need I say more?

Weekly Word Count: 3,866

This week was a really good one. I committed to my goals and made sure I did what was necessary to see them through. I can’t say I do that every week, but I’m doing better. I’m trying, and sometimes I even manage to succeed!

Aside from the writing going so well, my biggest win of this week was finishing The Master Magician. I was horribly opposed to that book by the middle of the week, but I finished the last 70 pages in one sitting, and I even liked them! So, that shows that sometimes, you really should forge ahead through that book that’s giving you grief. It might just be worth your while.

Progress continues on The Steel Armada. I wrote quite a bit on it this week and it continues to surprise me. I’m excited for the scenes I’ll be exploring in the days to come. And I think I might have come up with a new title! But, I’m not sharing until I’m certain, sorry.

My husband and I also did a TON of work on our front yard this weekend and found time to hang out with family and friends. It really felt like I was Superwoman this week, capable of anything and everything!

That was until the rejections for The Cost of Rain came in. One last week and one this morning. Now, I’m not too bummed, I know this is par for the course in writerland. But, it still stings a little, yeah? It still sucks for a second, before you decide to buck up and submit it to the next place on your list. I tell myself this is the harder story to place, that it falls between genre lines and between desired word counts and yadda yadda yadda. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what I tell myself, I’ve already decided to submit it until it sells. So there, self.

It was nice to keep things straightforward this last week. It made buckling down and getting the work done that much easier. Unfortunately, there’s a bit more on my plate this time around.

This Week

  • Publish 2 blog posts
  • Write 500 words/day on The Steel Armada
  • Finish listening to Side Jobs
  • Submit Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship application
  • Review Madhu’s pages


I really should add a bullet point for Sanctuary, because I need to make sure I actually work on it this month. But there’s a lot of bullet points on this week as it is, and that doesn’t include my non-writing goals for this week! I have to get my passport application turned in, work on the yard some more, and do some of the general house chores that are starting to fall behind. Yikes!

The good news is that I’ve got the review for The Master Magician for this week, so there’s one goal that’s good to go. I’ve also got a big ol’ blog post planned that’s a bit of a self-indulgence. I think you’ll like it though, don’t worry! I’m not sure when it will be posted, but I promise it’s coming.

Since setting my writing goal of 500 words/day, I’ve only fallen short once or twice. I’m really plugging away on this book, and so far there’s no end in sight. That feels good. Like, really, really good.

side jobsI maybe, kinda, sorta forgot I had the audiobook for Side Jobs. I’m so used to digital audiobooks on my phone that I completely forgot about the CDs in my car! I started listening to it Saturday, and am making some decent progress. They’re fun, though a little repetitive. Hopefully I’ll get through them quickly, since Brief Cases comes out tomorrow!

Yes, you read that next bullet point correctly. I am applying for the Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship. My dance teacher, Mrs. Buren, always said that you should always try for the things you want, because the worst they can tell you is ‘no’. That’s damn good advice for any kind of endeavor, but particularly artistic ones. And well, this was another unexpected writing thing that came across my radar thanks to Madhu. And since I wouldn’t have thought to apply otherwise, getting declined won’t sting half so much as some of these short story rejections.

And who knows? There’s always a chance they’ll say yes! “You can only catch fish that are in the lake.” More sage advice from dear Mrs. Buren. If I don’t apply, then I have no chance at all. So, I’m applying, and other than next week’s Goals Summary, I won’t be talking about it again until I get the results.

Anyway, that’s the plan. That’s what’s up. That’s the skinny, the downlow, the scoop. You know, all those cool catchphrases only dads and cutesy moms still use. You know the ones, the ones that say “cool beans” unironically. Those ones.

Until later, Bloggos!





Goals Summary 2018 – Wk 13

Hello Bloggos,

Sorry this is so late! I meant to post it last night!It’s that time once again! Let’s talk about goals!

Last Week

  • Publish 2 blog posts
  • Edit 1 chapter of The Steel Armada
  • Edit Lifelike
  • Read Binti
  • Review Madhu’s pages


  • Publish 2 blog posts
    • Yep. Barely. Posted the weekly summary and my March Recap.
  • Edit 1 chapter of The Steel Armada
    • Sure didn’t. This is not good y’all. I have got to get back to it! Ugh.
  • Edit Lifelike
    • YES! I’m feeling pretty good about this story. Finally. I think I’m going to let it sit for another week or two and then give one last once over. So close to calling it done!
  • Read Binti
    • Yep! It’s only a 90 page novella, but I’ll have a quick little review up for you guys sometime this week.Binti
  • Review Madhu’s pages
    • Done and done. This seems to be the one thing I won’t let myself slip on. If only I were so determined when it came to my own editing.

Weekly Word Count: 3,519

This week was actually a good one for me, even if I’m feeling particularly guilty about not editing for the third week in a row. This week was also challenging because I was prepping for my 10 year anniversary. I made my husband’s gift, which was much more time consuming than I originally anticipated. I have no regrets, but it’s set me back a couple of days off I would have spent working.

I’m currently editing chapter 9 of The Steel Armada. I cut out one character, and am having another side character step up and fill that role. It’s working really well so far, but it also means that there is a LOT of rewrites and plot reconsideration that has to happen. I know it’s the best change for the book, but man it is difficult. I hit a wall with it pretty hard a few weeks ago, and I’ve been letting it stew in the back of my mind. I think I’m close to getting the scene right.

Lifelike has seen so many changes this year! This story started out as a First Person POV from the female character’s perspective. It was edgy and sort of an urban fantasy/horror. I wanted her to be an unreliable narrator, and I simply didn’t have the chops back in 2010 when I first tried it. I let it sit, unhappy with it and really unsure how to even begin fixing it.

A couple years later I thought about expanding it into a novella, letting this main character grow. I rewrote it in Third Person and it became less urban fantasy and more… boring. I hated it. I stowed it away again until early this year, when I briefly considered writing it as a comedy from the male character’s perspective. That didn’t go well at all, but there was something good to come out of that: tell the story from the male character’s perspective.

I started out in Third Person, because that’s my default. And man, that felt better than anything else so far. But it still wasn’t right. So I worked at it, and finally decided that to get the feeling I really wanted all these years, it needed to be in First Person.

So, another round of rewrites it was. And now we’re here, so much closer to the elusive “done”.

So, What’s Next?

  • Publish 2 blog posts
  • Edit 1 chapter of The Steel Armada
  • Finish reading Saga
  • Read Binti: Home
  • Work on Sanctuary (500 words?)
  • Review Madhu’s pages

Saga vol 8

I feel like there should be more. I feel like I’m forgetting something. But I don’t think so, and given my recent inability to get a single chapter edited I should probably keep this week’s goals simple and straightforward.

I’m still sitting on some awesome, wonderful news, and I’m going to email the powers that be tomorrow to see if I can FINALLY talk about it. So, keep an eye out for a book review on Binti this week, and possibly an announcement.

Until then Blogland,




The Recap – March 2018

Oh, Blogland! Where has this month gone? How is it April already? It most definitely still feels like winter here in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s getting old. You’d think with all this time indoors, I’d get some quality work done. You’d think…

What were My March Goals?

  • Edit 5 chapters of The Steel Armada
  • Finish Sanctified
  • Submit The Seasons
  • Prep Lifelike for submission
  • Keep reading

Drumroll, please…

  • Edit 5 chapters of The Steel Armada
    • Sigh. I didn’t make this goal. Barely. I did edit 4.5 chapters, but lacked the discipline to get it done this week in the face of other, more “interesting” projects. Literally everything is more interesting than editing to me at the moment. It’s disappointing, but it’s not the worst outcome. I still edited more than I really thought I would. Huzzah!
  • Finish Sanctfied
    • YES! I spent the better part of nine months, NINE MONTHS, writing that fic and to finally write the end of it and move on mentally was completely overwhelming. I got some really wonderful feedback from readers and I am looking forward to what comes next.
  • Submit The Seasons
    • Yep. Still waiting to hear back about it. I forgot how long the submission process can be. If it gets rejected, I’ll most likely find out in the next few days, if The Submission Grinder can be trusted. I’ll be sure to share the results here, regardless.
  • Prep Lifelike for submission
    • Sure did! This is the strongest this story has ever been, and I’m feeling good about it. I want to say it’s ‘done’, but I’m not 100% sure yet. I’m going to let it stew a bit more and revisit it. But, it’s really close.
  • Keep reading
    • Yarp. I read seven titles in March and posted four book reviews. I’ve read 19 titles this year so far, and am three books ahead of schedule on my Goodreads reading challenge. Feels good, man.

Total March Word Count: 15,985

Honorable Mentions?

Unrelated to official March goals, I read/edited the proofs for The Audient Void #5 this month, so keep an eye out for release announcements sometime in April. I also started writing the final installment of my giant Mass Effect Andromeda fanfiction series, Santa Sarita: The Patron Saint of a Third-Rate Smuggler. This last story, titled Sanctuary, will wrap up larger plot points I left dangling in Sanctified and hopefully give us all that happy ending we’re all craving for ME:A.

My word count for the month is pretty high, mostly because of about 7k words on Sanctuary in the last two weeks and finishing Sanctified earlier this month, but also because the rewrites on The Steel Armada are so extensive. I’ve been adding about 500 words per chapter, and that’s accounting for what’s been cut.

In other news, I still have awesome, wonderful, exciting news to share! However, I’m uncertain if I’m allowed to just yet. If I don’t get word by Wednesday, I’ll contact the powers that be and see what the deal is. I am bursting at the seems about this you guys! The silence is killing me!

The submission process is a lot less stressful than I remember. I mean, I’m anxious as all hell if I let myself think about it too much, but ultimately, once the story is sent, it’s out of my hands. No point wearing myself ragged over it. Hopefully April can just be full of all kinds of good news!

So, What’s Next?

  • Edit 4 chapters of The Steel Armada
  • Continue submitting short stories
  • Build a backlog of 5 chapters of Sanctuary
  • Keep reading

I don’t want to set any stricter goals than that this month. I want to get back into my reading stride, because it’s a little rocky at the moment. I started another playthrough of Andromeda, as research for my next fic. It’s a dumb excuse to play again, but I’m enjoying it, so I don’t want to guilt trip myself too much.

The writing on Sanctuary is… tumultuous. Some days it’s easy and it practically writes itself. Other days every single character seems bound and determined to fight me about every damn thing. Until I get deeper in and really get a grasp on the moving pieces, I think it’s going to be that way. So, I need to just buckle in and write when I feel like it, and see where this story takes me. Plus, I won’t start posting it until I have a healthy stack of chapters to share.

It is very likely that The Seasons will get rejected in the next few days. I need to start planning where I’m submitting it to next. I also need to appraise Lifelike later in the month, and start planning its submission journey. Exciting times, slow, but exciting!

I will edit four chapters this month. Four. One each week. That is not hard and I WILL do it.

See you all soon with a Weekly Goals Summary!



Goals Summary 2018 – Wk 12

Hi Blogland!

It’s that time again, let’s talk about goals! Last week’s goals were fairly straightforward, and mostly editing.

Last Week

  • Publish 2 blog posts
  • Edit 4 chapters of The Steel Armada
  • Finish reading Gunpowder Moon
  • Review Madhu’s pages

How’d I do?

  • Publish 2 blog posts
    • Technically, no. I published last week’s goal summary, but the Gunpowder Moon review didn’t post until yesterday morning. However, it did post, so I’m calling it a win.
  • Edit 4 Chapters of The Steel Armada
    • Ha ha ha. No. I did manage to get one and half chapters done! But there’s so much rewriting that this project is going to take longer than I originally anticipated. Plus, it takes a lot of energy just to get myself to sit down to work on this. It’s an uphill battle on all fronts.
  • Finish reading Gunpowder MoonGunpowder moon
  • Review Madhu’s pages
    • Yep. It’s the one thing I am at least somewhat diligent about.

Weekly Word Count: 4,130


This last week managed to feel productive, even if I didn’t do all the editing I wanted to. I went back and looked at how many chapters I’ve edited this month, and I’m on track to meet my goal for March. So, I’m going to chill out on the whole “beat myself up for not editing more” thing and maybe I’ll actually manage to get some work done.

Last week I talked about finishing Sanctified. That fic is posted and done, though I’m still getting comments on it that I need to reply to. As you can probably guess from my word count for this week, I am hard at work writing the sequel, and FINAL installment of the Santa Sarita series. This is one of my goals for the year, so I’m excited to work on it and get it done.

That being said, Sanctuary is not one of my main priorities right now. I’ll continue to write and outline, getting a sense for where I want to take these characters in my last adventure with them, but editing The Steel Armada and Lifelike are my biggest concerns right now.

I also finished proofreading the mock up of The Audient Void #5. There is some fantastic fiction and artwork in this issue folks, and I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out. Keep an eye out for release details!

And, I got some very exciting news that I am not currently able to share. Hopefully by next week’s Goals Summary I can tell you all about it!

What’s Next?

  • Publish 2 blog posts
  • Edit 1 chapter of The Steel Armada
  • Edit Lifelike
  • Read Binti
  • Review Madhu’s pages

I’m feeling good about this week’s goals. I can get one chapter edited, as much work as that one chapter will be. I melded two characters into one, so there is a TON of reworking and rewriting that has to get done. But I can do it.

I got feedback from my friend Matt on Lifelike, and his comments were very encouraging. I haven’t looked at the story since I sent it to him, so my eyes will be fresh and ready to finally call this story done. It’s haunted me for the better part of seven years. It will be strange not to have it lurking in my brain anymore.

I had to return Quietus because it’s over 500 pages and there was a hold on it. But, I’m going to put it back on hold and get it again soon. I definitely want to finish it. So, in the meantime I have five graphic novels to read by tomorrow (they’re due back to the library) and I’m starting Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti novellas. Binti.jpg

As for Madhu’s pages, I’m still very much enjoying her story so far. I need to buckle down and be a little more critical, but I don’t really see much “wrong” with it. At least not until I know how everything ends!

OH! I also will spend the bulk of Thursday working on a super secret project for my husband. Our 10 year anniversary is next Tuesday and I’m making his gift.

So, that’s what I’ve got going on this week. Since Binti is only 90 pages long, I’m hopeful I’ll have the review for you this week. Also, April 1st is Sunday, so I’ll be back with the March Recap and April goals.

Until then, Bloggos.




Goals Summary 2018 – Wk 11

Well, this is awkward.

Last week’s goals were ambitious, and I apparently was not up to the task.

What did I want to do?

  • Publish 2 book reviews
  • Edit Lifelike
  • Finish Sanctified chapter 34
  • Finish reading Gunpowder Moon
  • Edit two chapters of The Steel Armada
  • Review Madhu’s pages


  • Publish two book reviews
  • Edit Lifelike
    • Nope. still haven’t received feedback from my friend, though that’s no excuse.
  • Finish Sanctified chapter 34
    • YES! That fic is now done and posted! I’ll just be over here, doing happy dances by myself.
  • Finish reading Gunpowder Moon
    • Nope. Getting really close though. Should finish it tomorrow at the latest.
  • Edit two chapters of The Steel Armada
    • Nope. Not even a little bit. Which is terrible.
  • Review Madhu’s pages
    • Yes. I’m still really enjoying her book so far.

Weekly Word Count: 2,392

Anything else I should mention?

Well, St. Paddy’s Day was a ton of fun. Also, apparently Irish Car Bombs are now called Dublin Drop Shots. The change in name did little to deter me from doing three of them in a row Saturday night, followed by impromptu karaoke.

The Oregon Writers Colony reached out to say they were still looking over the scholarship applications and that I should hear back from them sometime this week. That was promising. General rule of thumb is, the longer someone has your app, the better you’re doing. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

On that note, I still haven’t heard back about The Seasons, so that’s good. It hasn’t been rejected out of hand, at least. The submission period doesn’t end until 3/31, so I expect I won’t hear back until sometime after that.

I also spent some much needed time with my best friend, and spent down time at the house watching movies with the husbando. So, I didn’t focus so much on my writing goals this week as I did make time for my personal relationships. That’s going to happen from time to time, but now I’m ready to get back to work!

So, what now?

  • Publish two blog posts
  • Edit 4 chapters of The Steel Armada
  • Finish reading Gunpowder Moon
  • Review Madhu’s pages

I’m reining the goals in for this week to try and get myself back on track. Just reading and editing. I’ve got another fanfic queued up to start writing so I can finish this huge series and call it good. Then I can get back to writing original fiction.

I’ve had a few new story ideas, which is nice. I’ve been stewing on the same handful of stories for a while and I was starting to think I’d somehow tapped all my creative energy. That’s silly of course, but it’s good to know that’s not the case, regardless.

Gunpowder moon
I expect it will be another quiet week on the blog as I buckle down and try to get all caught up. I should have the review for Gunpowder Moon up this week, and I’m going to start Quietus by Tristan Palmgren after that.

Until then, Blogland,




New Year’s New Look!

Every year, on or around January 1st, I overhaul the blog. I’m not sure if it serves any other purpose besides catching my interest in my site and giving me a fresh breath of air after 365 days of something else.

So, here’s the new look, I hope you all like it. I was a little sad to see the last look go, because it was my favorite so far in the past 4 years of blogging. But, I have high hopes for this one. It’s even more streamlined than last year’s (weird), and I like the headers with social media links at the top.

Yeah. It feels good, man.

All right, here’s the gross part about New Year’s posts. I have to talk about my ambitions for 2017 and how I did in accomplishing them. Spoiler alert, 2017 was not a good year for me.

Last year I said I wanted to:

  • edit The Steel Armada into draft #3
  • submit The Portrait of Sterling Madison to The Audient Void
  • finish From the Quorum rough draft
  • edit Cards into draft #2
  • publish 104 blog posts, roughly 2 per week
  • read 60 books

How did I do? Well, I did make some progress on The Steel Armada, especially in the last half of the year. I’m about halfway through editing the second draft, but the realization that it needs pretty extensive rewrites has me a bit disheartened.

I didn’t submit The Portrait of Sterling Madison this year. If you don’t recall, this is a horror short story that has haunted me for the better part of seven years. I wanted to do a lot with this small piece, and every attempt just proved that my writing chops weren’t where they needed to be to make it work. But, I did finally hammer out the best draft of it yet, quite unexpectedly, as I’d shelved it yet again. I’m confident I’ll find a home for it in 2018!

I did not finish From the Quorum. In fact, I got about halfway, because it’s the largest story I’ve ever undertaken. I outlined the whole book through to the end back in April, and we’re looking at about 100k word manuscript. It’s currently at 51k, so literally halfway there. I saw that projected word count and panicked, and haven’t worked on it since then.

I made a deal with myself: I cannot edit Cards until The Steel Armada is complete. Since I didn’t make the headway with edits like I planned, I did not even look at Cards this year. However, I did some minimal edits on my Cards short story Since the Fire, in the hopes that I can find it a home in 2018.

I published 42 post last year… Ugh. No where close to my goal. Not even all that close to half of my goal. That’s rough buddy. Sorry for neglecting you all this year.

I managed to squeak in 62 books this year, according to Goodreads, and man that feels good. I needed a win.

I read 14,072 pages across 62 booksImg bookstack 72

What the heck did I do in 2017?

I wrote. A lot. In 2017 I wrote two original short stories and four chapters for From the Quorum. The short stories are both Horror pieces, The Seasons is an all new piece that I’m really proud of, and Lifelike is the newest incarnation of The Portrait of Sterling Madison. Honestly, it’s different enough, and written in such a whirlwind of inspiration that I don’t even consider it a rewrite; it really is an all new story. These projects total 17,321 words.

But, I did my most damage working on Fanfiction. I know, I know. You roll your eyes, you immediately see me differently because you know that I write fanfiction. Trust me, I did my fair share of eye-rolling and berating because of it. But, there are a lot of benefits to being a content creator in an active fandom, and I will probably write a whole separate post to talk about my experiences as such. Finally, months later, I regret nothing.

So, I wrote 264,850 words of Fanfic in 2017. Yep. Go ahead, read it again. 264,850 words across multiple longfics (basically multi-chapter serials), oneshots (read: short stories), and drabbles (aka flash fiction).

I wrote more this year than I ever have before, in more styles and genres than I ever thought possible, because of fanfic. I have no regrets. I also won National Novel Writing Month for the very first time because of fanfic. I proved to myself that I absolutely can write long form, can produce content quickly and of a pretty high quality on a deadline. When I needed it most, Fanfic gave me an ego boost. I am proud of my output and my content, and am feeling buoyed into the new year.

But, I did have some other projects this last year.
Audient Void issue 4

I continue to provide “Editorial Assistance” for The Audient Void. I’ve stepped up my duties to weeding through the fiction slush-pile as well as offering line edits when necessary. So, if you submit fiction to us in 2018, there’s a 50-50 chance I’ll be the one who decides whether your story gets considered for publication. MUAHAHAHA!


We released two issues in 2017 and have just finished selecting pieces for the first issue of 2018. So, there was that. Also, I spent a few months swapping fiction with an acquaintance and work-shopping her Middle-Grade Adventure novel. It was an eye-opening experience that really challenged me to leave my comfort zone and learn more about publishing. I also helped her fine tune her query letter, which is really good practice for me when it comes time to write my own.

I also took on some personal projects. I stopped biting my nails, for realsies this time! It’s been months, and I love it. I still keep them short, because typing with nails is nigh impossible, but I’ve accumulated more polish colors and indulge in giving myself manicures now, so that’s nice. I did a 30 day yoga challenge, and signed up for another one that starts tomorrow! I love bringing stretching and movement back into my life (former dancer, here) and it’s really grounded me over the last month. Today we were invited to set an intention for the month, a word or phrase that would guide our practice through to the end. But, I’m going one step further. I’m setting my intention for the year.


2017 was a wild ramble that saw me dart from project to project, taking on things that were fun and interesting, at the expense of my more serious ambitions. I want to bring focus back into my life. I want to set clear, attainable goals, so that I can set myself up for success. So…

What the heck am I doing in 2018?

  • I am finishing The Steel Armada. Whatever that means, and how ever long that takes. I wrote this book in 2013, it’s time to stamp it done and move on with my writing life.
  • I am finishing my committed longfic series. There are a couple chapters left in this installment, and then a planned sequel. Then it is done. Chickity-check, move on.
  • I am submitting at least two short stories for publication this year, only to SFWA Logomagazines that pay their authors. I’m done sticking ‘feathers in my cap’. I don’t need feathers. I need payouts. I need proof positive that my content is worth buying, I need credentials to pad my query letters and my efforts to join Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) within the next two years.
  • I am giving myself permission to write things for fun. Drabbles and tumblr prompts keep me limber and energized. I love writing them, I love engaging with a fan base. I will not feel guilty for that.
  • I am reading 65 books, per the Goodreads reading challenge.
  • I am publishing 52 blog posts, preferably once a week, no matter what.
  • I am committing to my yoga practice, about 20-30 minutes/day

If time allows, I would like to…

  • make considerable progress (30k words) on From the Quorum
  • Read through and begin edits on Cards
  • write a new Sci-Fi short story
  • maybe begin querying process for The Steel Armada, if I like how it turns out


Whew. All right. That’s a pretty big “to-do” list for 2018. Whoops. But, if I’m being honest, these are the goals that mean the most to me. These are the projects I want to work on, and the only way I can do that is if I make the time.

What about you? What will you make time for in 2018? What will be your focus?

As always, thanks for stopping by Blogland, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and look forward to sharing 2018 with you.




Week 1 Goal Assessment


Last week was the first week in which I set pretty firm goals for myself since school ended. I’ve got the whiteboard up and am using it consistently. Last week’s goals included:

  • The Martian Book Review
  • The Audient Void edits
  • Since the Fire into draft #3
  • Two blog posts
  • Write chapter 7 of Jordinn’s Story

How did I do?

Well, I posted the book review for The Martian, as well as completed The Audient Void edits. So that’s great. I technically did finish the edits for Since the Fire last night, but they weren’t finished in the computer until about 20 minutes ago. So, that’s close. Also, I feel really good about the changes. I consider it done until I seek out further feedback. And then I even wrote over 1,000 words of Chapter 7 of Jordinn’s Story, plus some reorganizing and outlining.

I also was a bit naughty and compiled all the separate Cards chapters into one correctly formatted manuscript. It totals 239 pages, and 63,005 words. Not too shabby.

So overall, not a bad first week. I didn’t sit down and write that second post like I wanted to, and I didn’t quite make my writing goal, but after two years of very limited fiction writing, I’ll take 1k words. I’m dubbing week one back a success!

Why didn’t I complete these goals? Because I cleaned out the garage and unpacked a bunch of boxes instead. So, still a very productive week. I’m happy.

So, on to this week? What’s the plan?

  • Coraline Book Review
  • publish 2 blog posts
  • Finish chapter 7 and write chapter 8 of Jordinn’s Story
  • Start edits on The Portrait of Sterling Madison

Unofficial goals include finishing The Obelisk Gate and Elric of Melniboné. I only have an hour left on Elric, so that should get done tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. And less than 100 pages to go for The Obelisk Gate, so hopefully I can get a good chunk of it done tonight.

Anyway, there’s a brief update for you all. Keep an eye out for the Coraline book review, as it will be up before the weekend!

See you all soon,