This girl can GSD!

Just a short update today, because instead of writing here first, I’m posting last.

I had a few chores today, namely changing my last name with the DMV and my bank. Done and done, all before lunch. So, my identity officially skewed I sat at Starbucks spiraling through thoughts of betrayal and a sense of losing myself.

Then my best friend snapped me out of it and I went back to work.

I finished the rough draft of A Stranger Comes Knocking, writing 3,068 words today. Story sits at 4,538 words, and I’m gonna let it marinate for a week or so and then clean it up. I also finished the final edits on Hunting Storm today. It just awaits Leah’s final approval and it will be “complete”.

So now I can relax and watch every episode of Community on Hulu! Hooray reward systems!

Have a good day blogland!


3 thoughts on “This girl can GSD!”

    1. I hope you like it. It’s definitely different than Hunting Storm, and isn’t as strong of a draft. That’s why I’m going to let it sit and then actually edit it. With Hunting Storm I sent you the first draft. If I did that with this piece it would just create a lot more work for the both of us.

      As for rewards, I have a tendency to eat desert before dinner all the time, so don’t fret.

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