It’s Monday.

It’s the last week of school before Winter Break. It’s spirit week (Flannel Day today). And I have a migraine.

It’s a day where I want to sit in the dim, binge a podcast in its entirety, and fill out my calendar for the next two months. No real work, just thinking about and organizing the work. Unfortunately, I’ve already planned out all of December and basically all of January that I can.

My brain isn’t good for much else at the moment.

I think this is a part of my Anxiety/ADHD brain that I find organzing my time very soothing. It’s comforting for me to make lists and to plot out my days. I’m also a BIG fan of  color-coding my planner. But what’s wild is that, despite all this forethought and organization, my planner still looks absolutely chaotic. Thanks, ADHD!


Anyway, my head is all over the place. Focus is very limited today, my physical energy is low, but my mind is a hamster in a wheel. Maybe a slightly sick hamster, but it’s still getting its steps in. There’s a lot of potentially exciting things happening in the background right now. Things I want to write obsessively about, but won’t until the New Year.

So I’m just over here thinking myself into circles and nursing a migraine. I hope your Monday goes better for you.

Later Bloggarts,


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