That Time of Year

I love it. Really I do. I love the holidays and the change in the weather and the excuse to be cozy at any given moment. I love fall drinks at Starbucks, and pies, and hot chocolates on weekends shared with the people I care about.

But, I also hate the time all of that demands. It always seems like so much requires my attention during the fall. Work gets busier as the air earns its chill, NaNoWrimo holds me hostage, and then there are the birthdays and holidays that require my attention.

It’s exhausting, and I love it. But, did I mention it’s exhausting?

I have so many things I want to do, and so many of them simply get missed in the shuffle of everything else. And when I’m not actively working on something, odds are I’m asleep. Which, I can’t reasonably blame myself for sleeping, can I? I mean, I suppose I can, but it’s not very realistic. A girl’s gotta sleep sometime.

But, this is mostly just me complaining. I’ll survive. I always do.

How was your holiday weekend? I hope it was everything you wanted and you’re prepared to finish out the year strong!

Talk soon,





Hi Blogland.

This summer has been a very trying one. My husband lost his State job in June, I was passed over for a full-time position at the library yet again, my aunts came to stay with us, and then my best friend was hospitalized this week after a nearly fatal car crash.

She was extremely lucky and suffered no broken bones, but a concussion, seven staples on the left side of her head, a small puncture in her lung, and a large liver laceration found her in the ICU. She’s home now, and resting, but it could have gone the other way so easily. I’ve been pretty shaken up over it all, and I’m still reeling if I give myself too much down time.

But, it’s getting better. I’m just exhausted.

I made a writing friend, and we’re going to exchange chapters to workshop for one another. I’m nervous, but really excited to have someone in my town that I can share writing experiences with. Wish us both luck!

Anyway, I’m exhausted and battling some sciatic nerve pain right now. My plan is to do some laundry, play Dragon Age, and get lots of sleep.

I’ll see you soon with a book review of The Glass Magician because I am flying through it, it’s so good!

Until then Blogland,