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Audient Void issue 4
Issue #4, cover art by Allen Koszowski

Below is the official statement from Obadiah Baird, Editor of The Audient Void, regarding our open submissions:


Since the fourth issue of The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy is now out we are opening submissions for issue #5. We are looking for quality works of poetry and short fiction.

Poetry should be Weird or darkly fantastical with strong imagery. We pay $.35 a line with a $5 minimum payable upon publication.

For short fiction our tastes are broad and we will consider anything with Weird, horrific or fantastical elements. We will consider any length work but will be much less likely to publish stories over 5,000 words. Our rate is $5 per thousand words payable upon publication.

Please note that Weird Fiction is a distinct genre. If you are unsure if your work fits please familiarize yourself with its characteristics at We are not likely to be interested in stories that are simply strange or bizarre without belonging to the genres we publish.

To submit, please send your work as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file to:

Be sure to include a header with your name and email address. We do not accept simultaneous submissions and ask that you wait for our response before submitting elsewhere. The submission deadline is November 10, please do not inquire about your submission before that deadline and understand that it may take some time to follow up on all submissions after the deadline has passed. 

I look forward to reading everyone’s work!

In addition to my usual line editing duties, I have taken on the additional role of reading submissions! So, I also look forward to reading everyone’s work!

The first four issues of The Audient Void, all cover art by Allen Koszowski

To learn more about The Audient Void, or to purchase previous issues, please visit our Facebook page.

Happy Submitting!




Wait… I Wrote How Much?

Hi guys!

I just wanted to stop by and share something pretty incredible with you.

So, remember when I said I was reading and writing a ton of fanfiction? Well, that trend continued through the month of April. I’m pretty sure I just wrote more words in a month than I ever have before.

As of 4/30/17, I wrote a total of 31,113 words. Of fanfiction. Jesus Christ. That is a TON of writing, the most I’ve ever done in so short a time. I’m simultaneously impressed and disgusted/disappointed. Why haven’t I pumped out so many words for my own original content?

Granted, fanfic is “easier” since there’s very little world-building or slogging through early character development. That’s mostly done by the time you get your hands on the content.  I mean, you should still have those things, but the amount of discovering and fleshing out are considerably less. Which is the vast majority of work I’ve been doing on From the Quorum.

So, in a way, this has been a nice exercise. One that  I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. I’ve got another 3 chapters (at least) to write for this particular story, a oneshot (i.e. short story) outlined, and then another full fic planned after that.

But, if I can keep up this pace, that means I should be able to fall back into my own original works once Mass Effect lets me go. Right? That’s what I’m telling myself, anyways.

Saturday was the release party for the third issue of The Audient Void, and it was awesome. There is some really great fiction and poetry in this issue, and the artwork is fantastic as always. The event coincided with Independent Bookstore Day, which meant there were a lot of people there who might not have attended otherwise, and there were snacks and extra special merchandise on hand.

Oh! There was also a cool marionette show, with an original play by Adam Bolivar, that was really quite entertaining!Jack o lantern

But, my favorite part of the event (aside from the customary after party) was that I thought up a new story while I was there. Just a short story, and I won’t go into details about it here, but I hope to write it this year and submit it to the A.V.

We’ll see where I’m at in a few months. If I’m still writing at the pace I am now, I have no doubt I’ll get everything done that I set out to this year, even with this detour. Remember, I planned to fall off the face of the Earth for about two months after  Andromeda came out, so I’m still on schedule.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you all that I am a writing machine these days, even if it’s just fanfic.

See you around,



The Audient Void No. #1 Out Now!

Audient Void 1

The Audient Void No. 1 is now available! Featuring original weird tales and dark poetry from the likes of David Barker, W.H. Pugmire, and K.A. Opperman, as well as works from new authors and poets, AND the revival of Barker’s classic column Ye Olde Lemurian!

I worked on a few of the stories as an Editor, and helped the genius behind it all, Obadiah, with any publishing questions and concerns.

If you like stories from Poe, Bierce, and Lovecraft, then The Audient Void is a wonderfully creepy return to the kind of storytelling that makes you jump at the wind in the trees and keeps you up at night wondering at just how much about the world we really don’t understand.

What could be lurking in the dark? Find out in the pages of The Audient Void.

Support the journal by buying an issue, and if you’re so inclined, we’re now accepting submissions for issue No. 2!

Head over to to purchase your copy and to learn more!

audient void contents


Side Projects and Goodbyes

Hi Blogland,

Today was a rough one for me. On top of being in a generally bad mood all day, my cat was euthanized. Though he hasn’t lived with me for over six years, he was my childhood cat. A black short-hair named Louis, after Anne Rice’s vampire. He was the runt of his litter, and I treated him like my baby. I taught him to eat hard food, and to use a litter box successfully. He slept with me, curled against my chest as a kitten, and later in life curled at my feet. He was vocal and demanding, loved the most ridiculous of people foods, and was generally weird, like most cats.

My black cat, resting on an Edgar Allan Poe omnibus.

And today my mom decided that living through kidney disease, vomiting multiple times a day, was no life at all. I tend to agree with her. He was losing weight, fast, and though his personality was intact, he was sick frequently. I understand it, but it doesn’t make it any easier to think about.

But, it’s not just Louis. I’ve been pretty frustrated lately. Mostly with school. It’s boring. It’s not remotely challenging, and it is really disappointing to me that this is what upper level education looks like in America. That this is what’s keeping me from focusing on my writing.

It’s making me crazy.

So, to keep my sanity, I’ve taken part in a side project.

The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy is a new magazine, started by a friend of a friend here in Salem. Thanks to our mutual friend, I’m now included in this awesome publication, mainly as an Editor.

And guess what? We’re currently accepting submissions! The submission period ends March 20th, and we’re looking to publish the first issue sometime in April.

Learn more about submission guidelines by visiting us on Facebook.

So, that’s awesome. So far, the poems and short stories that have come through my inbox are really quite impressive. I wasn’t aware Lovecraftian fiction and gothic poetry still had a viable presence among modern writers. It’s been quite the pleasant surprise!

So, you’ll probably be hearing about The Audient Void from time to time, as we work toward publishing issues.

Other upcoming topics of interest include:

  • Mistborn: Secret History book review
  • Continuing edits on Draft 2 of The Steel Armada
  • Preparation of Query Letter for The Steel Armada
  • School, especially next term’s Intro to Writing Sci-Fi class

So, keep a weather eye out for some writing projects in the near future!

See you soon, Blogland!




Unwanted Infatuation


On Tuesday I went and watched The Raven. It was amazing and threw me into a whirlwind of renewed obsession with Edgar Allan Poe. I have since been writing poetry, and reading my Complete Stories and Poems that I recently picked up (my other, less complete copy is in a box somewhere).

And so you may have noticed, if you’re following the Samplers, that I’m a bit proud of my effort in poetry, and therefore am posting here.

Please keep in mind while reading this that they are all children of the moment. I write poetry as pure expression, a spontaneous creation of words and rhythms. I have no intention of editing them, and even just the simple act of typing them kills some of the mystique for me.

And so with that, enjoy.

Burning Trilogy

Burning billows within my lungs
and my lips devour the pipe.
Water bubbles as I inhale
Absorbing the vapor into myself.
My posthumous breaths exhale
clouds of who I was
And in their shape I see
Hints of who I may yet

Burn my shadow away.
Leave it in the dust,
In the sun of the dying day.
Forget what I know
to learn anew
all the things
I will do to you.

Let this Summer’s Sun
Burn my shadow away,
And send me reeling
Into coastal rains.
Abandon every last fear
that’s kept us here,
And be born again
in Oregon.

Happy Hour

In this endless noise
I lose myself
Floating in and out
Of time and space.
Closed eyes absorb
the sights that sounds embrace
And I try, in vain,
To remember your face.

The Gila River Review

Hey gang!

Not gonna lie, I felt like Freddy from Scooby Doo in that moment.

Anyway, I decided that since it’s my last semester at Chandler-Gilbert Community College that instead of submitting to the campus’s online Literary Journal, I’d be a member of the editorial staff!

Our first meeting was Friday, and we have a big group! I’m really excited because I love critical and analytical reading, and essentially I’m sort of an Editor, which is my dream job! Plus, being an active member of the Review looks great on a resume and in my portfolio that I plan to send to potential Universities.

Anyway, I wanted to spread the word about the Review. It is student run and is intended for an adult audience. The Review accepts Visual Art, Micro-Fiction (fewer than 1,000 words), Short Non-Fiction, and Short Fiction, as well as poetry. Being that the Review is a purely online experience we are also able to accept Audio Files, be it original music or spoken word.

Here’s more info if you’re interested, I’m looking forward to reading submissions!

The Gila River Review

CGCC’s Online Student-Edited Art and Literary Journal is Accepting Submissions from CGCC Students, Faculty, and Staff for Issue 5, May 2012


Microfiction: 1,000-word limit

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: 15 double-spaced page limit

Poetry: 3 poems, no longer than 10 pages total



Photography, Painting, Sculpture:  Limit to 3 submitted pieces

Comics, Graphic Novel Excerpts:  10-page limit

Music, Spoken Word:  5-10 minute limit



Email all submissions to

In the subject line, write “Submission” and genre you’re submitting—“Submission Poetry.”

In the email text, write a brief bio.

Creative writing submissions must be attached in either .doc or .rtf formats.

All visual art submissions must be attached in either .pdf or .jpeg formats.

Audio submissions must be submitted in .mp3 format.

Limit one submission per genre, though you may submit to more than one genre.



Thanks again guys! Hopefully I’ll see some of your work in the Review this semester!