Goals Summary 2020 – Wk #15

Hey-o Blogland,

It’s Monday. The sun is shining. And I haven’t had my coffee yet…

I’ll be right back.


*Jeopardy theme plays softly, as if from a distance*


Ahhhhh. That’s better. Nothing kicks a sunny day off quite like a glass of iced coffee.

School starts back up today in our new Distance Learning model. I technically have students, my Library Aides who get elective credit for helping me out in the library, but we aren’t expected/required to do anything for those teacher’s aides classes. I still want to connect with them, and maintain some sort of routine myself, so I made a google classroom where they can pop in and say “hi”, at least once a week. We’ll see if anyone shows up today.

While I wait for students to “arrive”, let’s talk about goals!

Last Week

  • Tavi revisions
  • Finish reading Vengeful
  • Make and post The Ocean at the End of the Lane video review
  • Write 800+ words

How’d I do?

  • Tavi revisions
    • Nope. I thought about it on Friday, and then avoided it like the plag — Well, you know.
  • Finish reading Vengeful
    • Yep. It took longer than I thought, but it still went pretty quick.
  • Make and post The Ocean at the End of the Lane video review
    • Yep! It’s up now.
  • Write 800+ words
    • Nope. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.

Weekly Word Count: 0

Putting a zero next to my word count tracker never feels good, but I don’t feel as bad about it as I would expect. Last week was… crazy. There was a lot of work to be done to prepare for school to start back up this week. We handed out almost 300 chromebooks in two 7 hour sessions. I worked two different shifts building printed packets for students who don’t have internet access. I largely ignored my diet and barely worked out and probably drank a little too much.

Basically, I was a mess this last week. And that’s okay. We’re living through unprecedented times, adapting to work in situations we never thought we would have to. I’m not gonna beat myself up about not writing or ignoring my manuscript right now.

The good news is that today brings a return to structure. And with structure comes routines. And you all know how much I love routines! I’m already feeling calmer and more centered as I sit here, waiting for ten o’clock to roll around so “class” can begin.

What’s Next?

  • Tavi revisions
  • Read FinnaFinna
  • Create and post Vengeful video review
  • Write 800+ words

So, there you have it. Lather, rinse, repeat. I have some ideas about where to start on my revisions now, so that’s an improvement. I still have no idea how to finish this fanfic oneshot I’ve been working on for weeks now. I may have to scrap it and start over at this point. It isn’t making sense for some reason.

Reading and video-making seem to be my two favorite things right now. Although, I played quite a few games over the weekend. I returned to Spyro Reignited, played the demo for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and played Wizard of Legend with the husband. So, yeah. Lots of screen time this weekend.

I also have a new episode of Ask the Bards to listen to today, which is super exciting. I love this podcast so much! I’ll probably listen to it during lunch.

So, yeah. That’s the week behind and the day ahead. We’ll see where it takes me.

Until later, Bloggarts.



An Introvert’s Dream

I want to start this out by saying I am not making light of, nor dismissing Covid-19. Shit’s scary and we should all do our part to mitigate its spread.

However, I’m out of work for the next two weeks and want to make the most of this unexpected free time. I have a short story to edit, another to write, and a whole novel I’ve been ignoring for entirely too long.

Now, I know I have a perfectly good office at home. It’s actually a delightful office that makes the house a home for me, but I haven’t been very productive there lately. And, this Covid business is killing small businesses. I have lots of favorite spots in town that I want to support, while being as socially distant as I can manage.

So, here I am, at my favorite coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night, drinking black coffee and attempting to get some work done. It’s crazy how empty downtown is. The only other person in the bar is a guy reading in the comfy chairs. And that’s when it occurred to me that, as awful as this virus is, it really does make things pretty ideal for us introverts. All our favorite places are empty, everything is quiet and the crowds are all at the grocery stores. Even if we do happen to share a space, there’s so much distance between us that we don’t even have to acknowledge one another’s existence. Reader Guy gets his corner and I get mine. It’s a win-win!

If the governor doesn’t force all restaurants and bars to close, then I’ll be here every morning, drinking black coffee and attempting to get some work done. I need to stick to some sort of routine, otherwise I’ll go crazy. I’m trying to avoid that cabin fever feeling for as long as I can.

Wish me luck.



Goals Summary Wk 5

Well, I was hoping for an über productive day today. Get up early, drink coffee, have a small breakfast, maybe load the dishwasher, and then sit down at the desk and do all kinds of work.

It’s currently 11:30am, I am in pajamas, feeling the barest remnants of yesterday’s migraine, praying for the coffeemaker to hurry the hell up.

I’m scratching the kitchen off my to-do list today.

Last night, mid-migraine, I still found some energy to finish hole-punching the second draft of The Steel Armada, and to empty the recycling bin that was overflowing. Then I spent the remainder of the evening reading.

The goals for last week were:

  • Finish chapter 12 of From the Quorum
    • Done and done! Finally! It took an additional 1,924 words, but it’s done.
  • Read The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle
    • Also done, and you can read the review here.
  • Publish two blog posts
    • Actually published three!
  • Print, read, and plan edits for The Steel Armada
    • This was a close one. I printed it, as previously mentioned, and did a rough outline of the editing schedule, but did not get a chance to read it.

So, I’d call last week a success. It feels good to keep meeting, or getting really damn close to meeting my goals each week. What’s the plan for this week?

  • Write the Interlude for From the Quorum
  • Read Beastly Bones and Ghostly Echoes, both by William Ritter
  • Publish two blog posts
  • Read and plan edits for The Steel Armada, ideally complete chapter 1

That’s the plan. The weather is shit today, and it hasn’t really stopped raining since mid-afternoon Saturday. Half the town is threatening to float away, and the dog is extra reluctant to go outdoors.

I have zero plans to leave the house today, or to change out of my pajamas. I might though, I have a terrible preference for jeans over all other pants. Plus, it’s just hard to feel productive in fuzzy grey snowflake pajamas.

Anyway, I look forward to chatting at you all later this week. I have a rough outline of an editing themed post for tomorrow, and of course there will be book reviews, as usual. So, a busy week ahead of me.

Now, where’s that coffee?