Fab Fables Issue #2- Out Now!


That’s right! Fab Fables 2 just released this morning! And after a few dedicated weeks of writing, and some intense labors of love in editing, both from myself and the lovely Leah, A Stranger in the Mists is now out in the ether, waiting to be read!

Notice the name change? I like it better, and it really fits the story more than the previous title. Titles are such bitches. I’m terrible at them, but Leah came up with this revised one and it’s lovely!

You don’t have to read the first issue to understand the stories in the second one, but you can have both for less than $5, and dive into an all new world, that grows and changes as the stories are published.

Plus, Caladria offers something really cool. When you read a publication direct on the website, you can interact with the text. Any text that is blue is actually a link. Click a name to read a short bio, or a settlement to read an overview, or even see it on the huge world map. But, all of the information is kept within the time frame of the story; you won’t accidentally spoil the story reading a biography. It brings world building, and exploring, to a whole new level!

So, if you haven’t visited Caladria yet, what’s keeping you?

In other news, Book Club meets tonight to discuss Ready Player One. Look for the review tomorrow! We’re meeting at Emily’s, and she’s preparing some sort of Asian Noodle Salad. I’m not sure I know what that means, but it sounds delicious. Of course, wine and beer will be provided. It’s not Book Club without some liquid refreshment.

But, tonight’s Book Club is the second to last one. That means that I get to request more book lists from the clubbers, and reopen the invitation. Not that the book club was ever really closed, but no one wants to come in half way through a list of books they had no say in.

I’m curious to see if everyone stays, or if a couple decide that the club wasn’t really for them. I’m also curious to see if any one else wants to join up. And what fresh blood will do to the book lists.

I’m still reading Sunrunner’s Fire, and it’s still great. I visited The Book Bin today, and learned that I should not be allowed in bookstores unattended. I used the excuse of trading in books, but I still managed to spend $30. And I don’t regret it.

I bought a used copy of Skybowl by Melanie Rawn. It’s the last book in her Dragon Star series, the trilogy after Dragon Prince. Obviously I haven’t finished the first trilogy yet, but I fully intend to read the second one, so why not pick up a cheap copy, am I right?

Then I bought a new copy of Stardust by Neil Gaiman, since it’s the last book on the list for Book Club. I won’t be reading it for another month or so, but at least I finally have it.

And then I splurged. You may not know this about me, but I’m a sucker for a great graphic novel. Have been since I saw The Crow in high school. I’ve read The Crow, and have the 20th anniversary edition of V For Vendetta on my shelf, even though it was technically a Christmas gift for Trevor a couple years back. I’d seen the cover of Saga on Goodreads, and even passed a copy in the bookstore today. It was enticing. The glossy cover seemed to shine just for me, but I was on a mission and refused to be waylayed. That is until I passed it a second time, on a different shelf.

Artwork by Fiona Staples
Artwork by Fiona Staples

I told myself I was just going to give it a quick flip through, to see what all the fuss was about. And then my fingers found that silky, high gloss cover, felt the thick, squeaky clean pages. I had to have it. I read the first chapter in my car, and loved it! I look forward to reading it over my “Spring Break” next week.

The rest of this evening is devoted to Book Club, reading for my Sci-Fi class, and doing French homework. If I find spare time somewhere in there I’ll start writing my new short story for Caladria, Sparks Fly. I’m really excited for this one, even though it’s shorter than the other two. My main character, even though I haven’t actually written her yet, is a crack up. And the trouble she gets into is pretty big time. This story is penciled in for Issue 4, and I’m editing for the first time for Issue 3. It’s busy times in Caladria!

Anyway, there’s work to be done and cider to be bought before Book Club. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!



Han Solo Heart

Sometimes life blindsides you. And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

I’ve over-filled my plate. I know that. Working 45+ hour work weeks, plus school full time, plus writing and editing for Caladria is more than I can handle. At least, that’s what my brain tells me.

And my heart?

Well, my heart likes to quote Han Solo, “Never tell me the odds.”solo-no

And truly, this is my slogan. I perform best when others expect me to fail. It becomes a matter of pride. I’m tenacious at best, and supremely stubborn at my worst. I don’t back down.

I just don’t.

So, what have I been up to lately? Prepping. It’s finals week, so I’m trying to keep my school work a priority. I went clothes shopping today to find “Business Casual” attire for the Library. Not my favorite pass time, but it was a success.

I’m still reading Sunrunner’s Fire, and it’s still amazing. Rawn’s villains are just so great. So nefarious. So clever. It makes their segments of the story painful for me to read. But, I’ll get into that more when the book review comes around.

I’ve fallen behind on Writing Excuses, but that’s the beauty of pod casts, I can go back and listen whenever I have time. Like tomorrow on my lunch break.

And behind all of this I’m stewing up my next Caladria story. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve got the basic intro planned, and I know where the story is headed. I’m just waiting on some details before I really hash it out.

I realized the other day that I haven’t worked on Vessels in months. And as sad as that makes me, it’s the project of least importance right now. Cards is still hibernating, and probably will be until summer break. Jordinn’s Story saw some progress around the New Year, but I haven’t had time since then. Even bigger bummer.

But, prioritizing projects is the only way I’m going to make these next few months work. And some projects have to be put on hold. It’s a necessary evil. Or, more like survivalism at its best.

Anyway, Trevor is plating up dinner. We had the day off together, which is always nice. Time with my husband is one thing that will never take a back seat.

See you soon Blogland!


Just Keep Reading, and Writing!

So, you know how Rock, Paper, Scissors between three people tends to not work out? That’s what happens when three people share a bet on a two-person Mario Kart Arcade Machine.

Flash, AKA Michael, and I duked it out first. We both play as Yoshi, which was weird, but it was a really close race. I hit the final turn a touch too wide and he snuck past me to the finish line. So, I had to buy the kid a beer.

Then Crazybull, yes that’s his real last name, and Flash raced. And Crazybull won! Which was awesome, because it was great to watch Flash lose, haha.

So then, me and Chris raced. And though it was a close call, I just eeked out a win. But, I ended up buying Crazybull a beer anyway, because his bike was stolen earlier in the day, which is just shitty.

In other news, I finished reading Ready Player One yesterday. I may have teared up a touch at the end. I regret nothing. So, expect a book review for that sometime next week, probably after the book club meeting. We only have two more books left before it’s time to decide if the No Name Book Club reads on! I’m curious to see who stays on board.

But, now I have some reading freedom again, so I’ve pulled Sunrunner’s Fire from the shelf, and added it to the What I’m Reading Page.

Only one more week of this term, so things are a little intense school wise right now. But, I start at the Library the week of spring break, so at least I won’t be juggling finals and a new job!

I’ve been really productive today. I woke up late, which was nice, did my hour of Pilates, busted out both my French homework and my post for Science Fiction, and then penned the synopsis for A Stranger Comes Knocking. That story is officially done! And, surprise! It’s slotted for the second issue of Fab Fables!

I honestly thought it was going in the third issue this whole time! So I didn’t try to snatch a story for the third issue. So, I won’t be writing anything for issue three of Fab Fables, but I am editing a piece, so you’ll still see me!

What happens after that? I’m not sure. But I’m definitely strapped in for the long haul with Caladria. This group of people are just awesome. Super helpful, driven, creative, and friendly.

And they’re looking for more authors! If you’re interested, let me know, and I can help you out!

Any way, I work a late shift tonight, so I actually have a bit of free time. So, I’m off to read and eat lunch!

Have a great day Blogland!


The Mario Kart Smackdown… I Hope.

I’ve hit a wall. You know the one. It’s late in the term, and I couldn’t care less about my classes right now. All I want to do is read and write, and prepare for my first week at Library. Instead I’m supposed to be prepping for my last French speaking appointment before the oral final next week. I have a test Monday, and then the final the following Monday.

I also have to read a short story and write a post by tomorrow afternoon for my Science Fiction class, write another 6 page paper about readings from the semester that could be classified as Science Fiction vs. readings that are more Fantasy.

Personally, I didn’t think any of them were truly Fantasy, but I’m biased. Fantasy short fiction is rough to write, because the world-building is so confined. A couple of the stories we read did a decent job, but I’m used to thousand page epics.

I’m still reading for pleasure, though slowly. Ready Player One took a long time to build. There was a lot of background info that seemed inconsequential that I actually needed to know, so the beginning was pretty boring. Now I’m on page 327 and the fact that I’m not at liberty to read it right now is really irritating me.

But, it’s the perfect book to read for today. I have challenged two friends of mine to a good, old-fashioned Mario Kart Arcade ass whuppin’. Mostly I just wanted to get us all together to play, but putting a beer on the line, and brandishing smack talk for a week has been a ton fun. Tonight we’ll find out how much crow I have to eat.

In Caladria I just have to write the synopsis for A Stranger Comes Knocking and it will be officially complete. I promised to have that done before I go to work tomorrow evening. I’ve also been assigned my first story to edit, but the content isn’t due until the 15th, so there’s nothing for me to look at yet.

I’m nervous, and excited. I like editing, a lot. Just, not my own stuff so much. Other people’s stuff? Love it!

Anyway, I have to gear up for my homework session. I’ll talk to you soon Blogland.


Good News, Everyone!

Well, hello there. You probably didn’t expect to hear from me, and yet here I am! And that’s because I have quite a bit to share!

Firstly, I want to remind you all that Caladria‘s first issue of Fab Fables is now available for purchase! We’re also hard at work on issues two and three, so now is the time to check us out!

And, not only am I a contributing author, but I have just added on the responsibility of joining the editing team! Leah is the Chief Editor, and an amazing one at that, and then the wonderful Ellie Musgrove has joined us as well. I’m so thrilled to work with these incredible ladies!

So keep an eye out for all kinds of Caladria awesomeness in the coming months!

If you’ll harken back a week, you’ll recall that I had an interview with the Salem Public Library. Today I got the email, and I got the job!

And I’m pretty sure I’m insane. I’m going to school full-time, working two jobs, running a book club, writing and editing for Caladria and still attempting to work on my own fiction. Oh, and reading all kinds of things in my miniscule amount of free time.

I promise Andrew Knighton, you will get your feedback!!!

Anyway, I have a ton of homework to get through tonight. Just wanted to pop in and share the good news! See you all soon!


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I’m exhausted. I just finished my six page paper on Science in The Time Machine. With a migraine. And a looming 3am wake up call. I open tomorrow morning, and I am so not looking forward to it. Also, I have a mountain of French homework and a chapter exam tomorrow. And Trevor’s been sick for days, with an incredibly persistent cough, meaning I haven’t slept right in days.

So why am I here?

Well, it’s Sunday, and despite my quiet week here, I have plans for the coming week. I listened to the next Writing Excuses Podcast today, and I really enjoyed it. It got my writing juices going again. I haven’t written anything new since school started up, and though working on edits and tweaks for A Stranger Comes Knocking is fun, it’s not the same as writing new scenes.

I look forward to sharing my writing exercise with you guys!

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that I’ve been reading like mad. I posted both the Firefight book review and the review of The Slow Regard of Silent Things this week. And next week I’ll be writing reviews of both Legion books. I haven’t decided if I’ll write individual reviews or if I’ll stack them. Guess we’ll find out.
LegionLegion Skin Deep

I’ve got some last minute tidying to do for my second Caladria story, and then it will be ready for publication. That’s always a great feeling. Also, if you haven’t swung by our website, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

I had my Library interview this past Thursday, and I feel like it went really well. I should hear back within two weeks about whether I got the position of not. Please send all the good vibes my way!

Tomorrow I’ll start reading Ready Player One. Hopefully it goes quickly so I can move on to Sunrunner’s Fire. After that… I don’t really know. I think either The Lies of Locke Lamora or The Black Prism. Once school’s over I really want to reread Jurassic Park and The Lost World before Jurassic World releases in June.

Anyway, it’s time for this girl to shower and fall asleep. I have to get up in 5 hours.

… Oh, gag.


Running Out of Free Time

What a crazy week! It’s Wednesday and I feel like I’ve accomplished very little. Homework, assigned reading, and tests have taken every spare moment. Lunch breaks and 10s have become my only solace. Carefully doled out free time, where I can shamelessly hurl myself into a fictional world.

Firefight is exceeding my expectations so far. I’m already 124 pages in, leaving 392 to go. I read a bit last night, when I should have been sleeping, and then read a bit more this morning over breakfast. It’s a nice way to wake up.

About four days ago Leah emailed me comments for the next round of edits on A Stranger Comes Knocking. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t looked them over yet, and it’s making me all grumbly. I very much dislike that writing can’t be my absolute top priority during the semester.

And now I have news about another potential time sink.

The Library called me yesterday to set up an interview! Thursday, February 5th at 1pm. And here I’d resigned to not hearing from them again. I’m trying to keep my excitement levels low. This is a part time job, and I tell myself that I’m not that qualified.

But, let’s be real. Their main focuses are customer service and leadership. I’m a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks. Service and Leadership I’ve got in spades. So, I’m fostering a tiny, bubbling, would-be geyser of excitement.

We’ll see how it turns out.

Today’s agenda, then.

  • Finish the second rounds of edits for A Stranger Comes Knocking.
  • French Homework
  • Write The Star Scroll Book Review
  • Read assigned short stories for my Sci-Fi class
  • Trade in the books that I’ve either read, or know I’ll never read

    So long, and thank for all the...
    So long, and thank for all the…

Tomorrow is Patton Oswalt day! I’m looking forward to the day in Portland, and the hours spent in one of the best bookstores in the world, Powell’s! Trevor’s taking a half-day at work, so I only have from 9-1pm to get all my homework done before we leave for Portland.

I’m hoping to get it all done today, so that tomorrow I can focus on the blog and some of my own writing. If I keep focused today, I should be able to make it work.

I’m really good at this whole Time Management thing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not exhausted. I’ve got about 3 hours of French homework, three short stories to read and post about, a short story to edit, and two blog posts to write before tomorrow afternoon.

I’m tired just thinking about it.

I’ll see you all tomorrow!