Running Out of Free Time

What a crazy week! It’s Wednesday and I feel like I’ve accomplished very little. Homework, assigned reading, and tests have taken every spare moment. Lunch breaks and 10s have become my only solace. Carefully doled out free time, where I can shamelessly hurl myself into a fictional world.

Firefight is exceeding my expectations so far. I’m already 124 pages in, leaving 392 to go. I read a bit last night, when I should have been sleeping, and then read a bit more this morning over breakfast. It’s a nice way to wake up.

About four days ago Leah emailed me comments for the next round of edits on A Stranger Comes Knocking. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t looked them over yet, and it’s making me all grumbly. I very much dislike that writing can’t be my absolute top priority during the semester.

And now I have news about another potential time sink.

The Library called me yesterday to set up an interview! Thursday, February 5th at 1pm. And here I’d resigned to not hearing from them again. I’m trying to keep my excitement levels low. This is a part time job, and I tell myself that I’m not that qualified.

But, let’s be real. Their main focuses are customer service and leadership. I’m a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks. Service and Leadership I’ve got in spades. So, I’m fostering a tiny, bubbling, would-be geyser of excitement.

We’ll see how it turns out.

Today’s agenda, then.

  • Finish the second rounds of edits for A Stranger Comes Knocking.
  • French Homework
  • Write The Star Scroll Book Review
  • Read assigned short stories for my Sci-Fi class
  • Trade in the books that I’ve either read, or know I’ll never read

    So long, and thank for all the...
    So long, and thank for all the…

Tomorrow is Patton Oswalt day! I’m looking forward to the day in Portland, and the hours spent in one of the best bookstores in the world, Powell’s! Trevor’s taking a half-day at work, so I only have from 9-1pm to get all my homework done before we leave for Portland.

I’m hoping to get it all done today, so that tomorrow I can focus on the blog and some of my own writing. If I keep focused today, I should be able to make it work.

I’m really good at this whole Time Management thing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not exhausted. I’ve got about 3 hours of French homework, three short stories to read and post about, a short story to edit, and two blog posts to write before tomorrow afternoon.

I’m tired just thinking about it.

I’ll see you all tomorrow!


Fab Fables is HERE!

Hey guys!

I knew this was going to be a crazy week, but man! Worked a long day today, helping a co-worker who was too ill for her shift. Hence the late post. Today I had about an hour and a half of French homework, plus a chapter test to complete after said shift.

Then Trevor and I met with one of my co-workers to help her with a homework assignment. She’s in a Marriage Counseling class, and she had to interview a married couple. We were the couple and we had fun with it.

I did manage to finish The Star Scroll yesterday, so keep an eye out for a review sometime this week. I started reading Firefight today, and if you follow me on twitter or Goodreads, you know that I’m already in love. I’m going to burn through this book, that’s for sure.

Also, I will post my Writing Excuses, Week Three soon. I promise!

And of course, the real news! Caladria went live yesterday, opening the world to fans and releasing the inaugural issue of Fab Fables! Check it out here!

I just wanted to stop in and say hi! I’m still here, just reeling from the homework that snuck up on me over the weekend. You’ll hear from me again soon, Blogland.


Handwriting and Tempations

Today is all about temptation.

I have two short stories and a novella to read for my Sci-Fi class by Sunday. It’s Friday. And all I really want to do is read the last 70 pages of The Star Scroll. So instead of being disciplined and reading my assigned works first, I’m trolling twitter and WordPress.

Which has led me to the following decision. Once I’m done with this post, I’m going to work to sit in the lobby and read. I have plenty of time to finish my personal reading tomorrow. Today is about school work.

While I was perusing twitter I discovered that it’s National Handwriting Day. Not sure why it gets a day, but I’m more than happy to take a great quote from a favorite book and write it down, take a picture of it, and post it on the internet.
I am Hope

And, of course, my handwriting was particularly rubbish today.

Speaking of Mistborn, Trevor took it to work today. He’s been on page 112 for about two months now. I keep teasing him, telling him to put the book back on the shelf if he isn’t going to read it. But, he kept saying he was going to read it.

A couple days ago I reorganized my bookshelves. When I first set them up I hadn’t stretched my fantasy wings. I was reading fantasy, but not writing it. So, my general fiction and literary fiction were on the top shelves. It was my proclamation, “Look at how well read I am! I’m so smart!”


Now the top shelves are reserved for my fantasy and sci-fi novels. Brandon Sanderson books on the top left, Patrick Rothfuss and other favorite series on the top right.

Anyway, when I reorganized, I put Mistborn back on the shelf. Not because he wasn’t going to read it, but because I wanted to account for it in my organization. I left it there, and today it’s gone.

It better come back to me in one piece...
It better come back to me in one piece…

Trevor remembered to grab it! He might actually read it. I hope he does, because I’ve wanted someone to talk to about Mistborn for about six years now.

So, today I read all kinds of school stuff, and I listen to Writing Excuses Week 3 tonight on my lunch break. Tomorrow is my day off, meaning I’ll be reading The Star Scroll. Once that’s done, I’ll be reading my assigned works.

And then it will be Sunday.

Sunday is the day Caladria goes live! It’s free to join, just set up a profile and you’ll have access to our Library, where you can purchase and download our first publication Fab Fables! The site will also allow you to follow your favorite authors. As soon as the site goes live, I’ll put a permanent link in the ‘About’ page, as well as link it in my posts, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

Expect next week to be a busy week on the blog. I should have the Review of The Star Scroll, Writing Excuses Week 3, and The Caladria announcement posts all up before Wednesday. And then we’re going to the Patton Oswalt signing in Portland on Thursday. So I’m sure I’ll have a lot to talk about come Friday.
patton's book

I finished the edits on A Stranger Comes Knocking. It was just the first round, so lots of tidying and sharpening. It’s not 100% there yet, but it’s close. The ending falls a touch flat, and we’re working on strengthening it. I should get some more feedback in a couple days, when Leah and co., aren’t so incredibly swamped with the website going live.

Until then, I’ve got a stack of reading and French homework to do.

See you next week Blogland!


Blogging Breakfast

Eating breakfast and blogging at the same time… Writing from home has it’s perks. I’ve got my laptop out on our tiny dining table. I guess it’s called a ‘Dinette’. It’s a small, round, glass table, with two chairs. It’s comfortable for the work I’ve been doing lately. French homework aside.

Trevor took some vacation time to relax. He was home for six days straight, counting the weekend. And when he’s home I get very little work done. I’ve fallen behind on my edits for A Stranger Comes Knocking, which has left me pretty irritable. That’s my main focus for the first half of my day.

Around 1 I have to switch gears and get my French homework done. Once that’s finished I have my speaking appointment. After that, I have got to try and finish reading Frankenstein today. I have to get to at least page 185, so that I won’t have too much left to read tomorrow before I have to post about it.

Then I have to start reading Jules Verne’s From Earth to the Moon for Sunday’s discussion post.

And somewhere in there I want to read the last 130 pages of The Star Scroll...

I just wanted to stop in and let you guys know I still have projects, and I’m meeting the goals I set for myself.

Now, I’ve only got about an hour to get these edits done!

Talk at you soon, Blogland.


Enchiladas and Science Fiction

This is going to be a busy post!

So, today is my day off. I’ve cleaned pretty much every surface in the house, and started the enchiladas cooking. The beef simmering in the crock pot doesn’t look like much right now, but the smell is just mouth-watering, stomach-growling good. I can’t wait for the finished product!

Now, Trevor is normally the cook. In fact, he’s a damn fine cook, and it’s the reason we’re hoping to open our own food truck in the next couple years. But, when it comes to Mexican food, I’ve got the chops.

…Even if I struggle to chop an onion.

Point is, I was raised on Mexican food. Growing up in Arizona means I was consistently exposed to all kinds of deliciousness. And I loved every bite. So, 25 years of noming on all kinds Latin cuisine has given me quite the distinguished palate.

So even when Trev’s in charge, I usually get a say in the seasoning.  I’ve never made enchiladas before, so I’m really excited to see how they turn out!

So that’s happening in the background right now, distracting me with unsolicited good smells. I had my first French Speaking Appointment today with my new Instructor, and it went great! She’s funny, warm, and vivacious. She answers questions and generally seems much more conversational than disciplined. It makes for a much more “hands on” learning experience, as opposed to the regimented style I was used to. I’m really looking forward to this term.

I’m all caught up on Homework for now. I should do a bit more French, that way I don’t have to do anything over the weekend, but I’ve got plenty of time today and tomorrow to make that happen.

I’ve started reading Frankenstein for my Sci-Fi class. This is the third time I’ve read it, so I’m enjoying the familiarity and letting myself look at it with a much more critical eye. I have to finish it by next Thursday, which shouldn’t be a problem since it’s only 206 pages long.

If you aren’t following Caladria on Twitter, now is the time! The website goes live for fans on the 25th, which is also the release date for the first issue of Fab Fables! In the last couple of days the website has seen a complete and utter overhaul. I logged in last night and thought I’d typed the address wrong, that’s how different the home screen was! And it’s beautiful! I really can’t wait for you all to see it, and to find out just what we’ll be working on next! As soon as I know more, it’ll be here!

Follow Caladria on Twitter: @Caladria1

I’m still reading The Star Scroll, and might even catch some personal reading time tonight. If not, I’ll have time tomorrow.

Tonight Book Club meets to discuss Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café. Only four of the six members actually read it. The other two struggled and gave up. Can’t say that I blame them. I’m looking forward to hearing the Clubbers thoughts, and picking our next book.

Oh, and eating enchiladas!

I’m going to push for Stardust by Neil Gaiman as our next read. It’s the exact opposite of Fried Green Tomatoes…, which is what The Clubbers need, me thinks. If they don’t want to read that next, then I’ll push for Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Another lighter, and faster paced story.

If you haven’t checked out the Master Class being recorded by the wonderful Writing Excuses Podcast, you really should. The four hosts bicker and banter, making their twenty minute conversations delights in their own right. Add the valuable insight and commentary on writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, and I can’t stop listening.

Anyway, just wanted to update you all on the crazy business I’m experiencing over here! I’ll see you all soon!


New Year’s New Look and New Books!

First thing’s first, what do you all think of the new look?

I like it. I think it’s a bit sleeker and doesn’t have my face and Pride and Prejudice presiding over everything. It feels cleaner, and more to the point. I’d say more professional, but then you’d keep reading and just laugh at me.

Take the time to explore the new layout, because there’s some new things too. A couple new widgets, letting you follow me on twitter and Goodreads, as well as keep an eye on my reading list.

Speaking of which, I’ve given the What I’m Reading tab a make over. Though I started the list late in 2014, I found that adding completed books to the blog gave me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. So much so that I decided to continue the practice. I’ve divided things up by year, so 2015 is looking pretty sparse for now.

This directly segues into an announcement. I’ve decided that 2015 is going to be a big year for my reading habits. I’ve set a goal of 25 novels and 10 short stories, as I mentioned before. And while that’s my official goal, I know I can do better than that. So, I set a Goodreads goal of 30 books this year.

But, what’s the announcement? This year I’ll be writing reviews on the books I read. I’ve never done this before, and I expect the first few reviews will be a bit bad. But, I’m looking forward to taking my personal reading to the next level and applying it to my understanding of writing fiction.

Plus, writing book reviews will help keep the blog focused. 2014 found the blog a bit scatter-brained. I want to hone in and keep things pertinent. We’ll see how that goes.

I think the Holidays took their toll on the folks at Caladria. I submitted A Stranger Comes Knocking, but have yet to hear anything. But, it’s only been six days, though it feels like weeks. And, they’re all super busy in the background, prepping the first issue of Fab Fables for release later this month.

While releasing the issue itself is a bit of work, there’s also a ton of things to create and sort out for the user website. I’ll have more on that when the updates roll out around mid-January.

And so I find myself project-less. Ok, not really. I still have a novel that wants to get written, and another that needs editing. But, I was having so much fun writing little things, popping in and out of history and character’s lives. Writing Fantasy short stories is so much better than Literary short fiction.

Trevor and I traded some books in. I found eight books lingering on my shelves that I knew I would never read, so we went to Escape Fiction. Trevor found me a hardback copy of The Wise Man’s Fear, and it is quite possibly one of the most glorious things I’ve held in my hands. For $12 I couldn’t pass it up. I also picked up a tattered copy of Terry Brooks’s The Sword of Shannara, which I’ve never read.

wise_mans_fear    Sword_of_shannara_hardcover

And Firefight comes out tomorrow! This is going to be the year of Sci-Fi/Fantasy… I mean, another year of Sci-Fi/Fantasy!

And I have a confession. I bought my first e-book. Brandon Sanderson released a short story set in the world of The Reckoners series (Steelheart, Firefight, and Calamity), that takes place between the first two books. And so, Mitosis is my first e-book, and will most likely be the first short story I read in 2015.

I haven’t read it yet, so I’ll let you know how I feel about it when I do. I don’t expect a change of heart, but perhaps a caveat. If it’s only published as an e-book, or insanely expensive as a hard copy (I’m looking at you, Legion: Skin Deep) then I can see myself succumbing to the convenience of e-books.

But I will not own a Kindle or Nook, or any other device that claims to replace books. Not. Happening.

Anyway, I’m off to get some work done, and hopefully tear into the heart of The Star Scroll.

I’ll see you soon, Blogland!


The New Story Jitters

I’ve got the new story jitters.

I just submitted A Stranger Comes Knocking, and though it’s clean, and I enjoy it, it’s such a departure from Hunting Storm that I’m incredibly nervous. My first Caladria story was a third person tale of dragons, about a mother and daughter. This story is a first person narration involving elves and gods, and though it’s billed as a mystery, there’s a strong thread of romance as well.

And I worry that I’ve missed the mark. What if this is too different from what they wanted? I mean, it’s a collaborative project, so a bit of flexibility on their part is to be expected, right?

Gah! What if they hate it? It’s only 4500 words, but I love my characters, and what they’ve gone through. It’s a good story. I just fear it may need a trim here and there and a fleshing out in other heres and theres. Why that’s making me so nervous I have no idea. I’m fairly accustomed to editing and changing elements of stories. I’ve been writing for a few years now, and know the drill.


It’s different when it’s someone else telling me what needs changed. Not to say I’m not open to feedback, because I totally am. I fear that the story is weaker than Hunting Storm. But, I also know that the characters in this story are much stronger. And I’m quite in love with my leading man. And lady for that matter.

I think there’s added pressure on this story because it leads up to a pretty important moment in the Caladria timeline. My handling of it directly effects a recently announced franchise, a franchise I really want to be a part of.

As a quick refresher, a franchise is a separate publication that takes place in Caladria. So right now we’re all working on the first two issues of Fab Fables, a monthly collection of stand alone short stories in Caladria. But, the events in A Stranger Comes Knocking sets the stage for the first franchise, tentatively titled When Elves Walk Among Us.

So I guess I just feel like there’s a lot riding on this story.

But the bigger question is, what am I going to do now? Both of my stories are turned in. One is completed, awaiting publication, and the second has been submitted for editing. I’d like to finish Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café before the New Year, so I can add it to my list of books read in 2014. Also, I’d like to start 2015 off with Firefight, because that’s just a great book to kick off the New Year with!

I don’t have any pending projects for Caladria, and won’t until I hear back from Leah after the New Year.

I have a few hours left before work. I can either work on Jordinn’s Story, edit a chapter or two of Vessels, or try and get a good chunk of Fried Green Tomatoes read through. And honestly, they’re all equally tempting. I miss my novel, even if it’s being a bit temperamental. But, I refuse to give up editing my first novel, and I’m over halfway done. And I REALLY want to finish this book club book!

Too much awesome for one day!

I’ll see you soon Blogland!


Goals and Losing Battles

A couple of things.

One. I’m fighting a migraine. That familiar twinge-y thump above and directly behind my left eye. It makes me want to squint just my left eye, which is, of course, the dominant one.

Two. I am simultaneously fighting a cold. And of course, the left side of my nose and face are the victims of ruthless sinus pressure. I am in a special kind of hell. The kind that’s just bad enough to be irritating, and make my brain stupid all day.

Three. I am losing both of these battles. I’m desperate for a home cooked meal, some Puffs Plus with Vicks, and a Community marathon.

But, my work on Hunting Storm is done. And I have a bit of free time before A Stranger Comes Knocking demands my attention. I’m finally making progress on Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, and it’s growing on me. Although I cheated last night and read the first chapter of Lucas just for the hell of it. Opening that book requires no commitment or time. I can pick it up anywhere, at any page, and know what’s up. I’ve read it that many times. The binding is failing. It makes me a bit sad, but then I know I’ll just tape it up, and it will be that much cooler for it.

My real reason for posting today is that I just discovered the new stats page. I didn’t realize I could look at my blog’s views by year until about five minutes ago. It blew my mind. While the number of views on this blog are by no means “stellar”, the growth from 2011 to 2014 is intense. I more than doubled views from 2013-2014. I posted more too. It’s just really cool, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015.

Since my personal life is quieting down, I’m hoping to set some heavy goals for 2015. But, before I get into that, that’s recap 2014.

Now, this is a new thing. I’ve never looked at a year as a whole before when it comes to writing. I’m not sure why, but I think it has something to do with my insatiable need for freedom and spontaneity. Things I rarely take advantage of, but must have the option for.

Your basic fear of commitment shit.

Anyway, when 2014 started I wanted to finish the edits for Vessels and write Cards. I also had plans to get a short fiction piece ready for publication and submission in the fall. Also, I wanted to get married and go on a honeymoon. These were all plans of mine circa January 2014.

This year I:

  • Completed the rough draft of Cards
  • Enrolled at ASU and completed one term with a 3.48 GPA
  • Wrote and submitted one short story, due for publication in January (Hunting Storm)
  • Joined a cool writing collaboration (Caladria)
  • Started a book club, completed one book
  • Started a new novel rough draft (Jordinn’s Story)
  • Got married
  • Had an awesome Honeymoon
  • Read 15 novels and 37 short stories

Next year I’m going to:

  • Finish drafting Vessels, that’s completing all edits
  • Start edits on Cards
  • Finish rough draft of Jordinn’s Story
  • Maintain my 3.5-ish GPA
  • Continue/expand the book club
  • Continue writing for Caladria, try and get a franchise
  • Read 25 novels, 10 short stories
  • Post here a minimum of twice a week, that’s 104 posts by 12/31/15

So, what do you guys think? Too ambitious? Or not enough? Let me know, especially if you have any tips or advice on how to accomplish these goals!

The hubby will be home soon, which means I’ve got to get the kitchen ready for cooking. I can’t wait for dinner, as usual. Have a good one blogland, I’ll see you tomorrow!


Back to Work and Joining the Rebellion

Hi Blogland!

It’s good to be back at it. Also, it’s really nice not having a list of homework three miles long. Already today I’ve read through the first round of edits for Hunting Storm and given my feedback to the editor. I wrote that story in such a frenzy that I didn’t remember much of the details. I was reading through and I’d think, “wow, this bit is great! Leah must have made some changes.” Then I’d check the original only to find it untouched.

I wrote that awesome line. In fact, I wrote that awesome story! I am beyond excited to see the final product!

So, after this blog post I’ll be cracking open A Stranger Comes Knocking, my new short story for Caladria. I’ve got a good concept for it so far, but nothing too concrete. I don’t want to say too much, but it involves elves, which is just cool in an of itself.

In other news, I’ve started reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café. It’s weird. Which is funny coming from someone who usually reads Speculative Fiction. But, I don’t dislike it. I do worry for the rest of the Book Club though. It’s such a different direction than the last book, and not at all like the next few books. Kayla, our resident non-reader, is having a hard time with it, and even I find myself eying The Star Scroll instead. But, I will power through.

I’ve been in a huge Cage The Elephant funk. These guys are just too great for me to turn off. If you haven’t checked out their newest album, I recommend it. It’s a lot more mellow than their past efforts. They’re a weird band. You can’t listen to them once and know how you feel about it. Their albums demand multiple listens and reflection. And after two or three listens, the songs that seemed too harsh, or just plain weird, suddenly make sense and become some of your favorites. It’s music that grows on you until it becomes a part of you. Suddenly you’re walking around work humming and bobbing your head because the need for Cage The Elephant is too persistent to ignore. I’m obsessed, but, that’s my MO.

Last night I finally started watching Community. This requires some back story.

I have seen clips of this show, and discussed it in classes, but never actually watched it. I have this thing about watching shows from the pilot forward. I can’t start somewhere in the middle. So, when Community started, I missed the beginning, and then it became a Hulu exclusive. We had cable, a DVR, and Netflix. We weren’t going to pay for Hulu too.

And so, it seemed I would never watch Community.

And then we rebelled against Comcast. They were charging us $145/mo. for cable, internet, and a DVR. Our due date shifted randomly, and our monthly bill would fluctuate. I was over it. So we cancelled our service, thinking to join the rebellion with Century Link and dishNetwork. Only to discover that our apartment suffers from a case of arboritis.

Our unit is completely surrounded by giant trees, because Oregon is gorgeous. But, that means no satellite signal, no matter where we put the damn dish. Which means, no cable.

So, suddenly we were left with just Netflix and the internet. And I talked my husband into a GameFly subscription and a HuluPlus account. For about $80/mo. we have high speed internet and every game, movie, and TV show we could want. Why people still succumb to cable companies is a mystery to me.

And so I finally started Community. It’s brilliant. Beyond brilliant. It is my favorite thing on the planet right now, my husband a close second, and only then because he loves Community too. The characters are written and performed to perfection. I laugh out loud multiple times every episode, and the Bromance between Ahbed and Troy puts JD and Turk to shame.

Anyway, I must defer my raptures, otherwise I’ll watch the show instead of start writing A Stranger Comes Knocking. Can’t have that now.

In other other news, I applied for a seasonal position at my local library. It’s a lead position and the pay grade is just crazy good. I’m qualified for it, though my lack of library experience could be my downfall. I need to take a crash course in Library Science, and a refresher on the Dewey Decimal System. But, it turns out that I know someone who works in the same department, and he offered to put in a good word for me.

I’m really excited about it, but I’m trying to keep my hopes in check. It’s hard to land City jobs, and I don’t want to start dreaming about what that pay grade could do for us.

But, I’ve always thought working in a Library would be awesome. Quiet, with solitude, but enough human interaction to keep you from going all “Here’s Johnny!” I’ve got the customer service and leadership skills they’re looking for, and I’ve got the passion about books and literacy to make a difference in my community. I just hope I get a call back for the interview. The experience would be invaluable.

Plus, the added cash flow could really make a dent in all this stupid credit card debt.

Anyway, I’ve got a short story to start!

I’ll see you around Blogland!

Catching Up and Moving On

Well hi there! How have you been? It’s been such a long time it seems, but I’m glad to be back.

So, when Dragon Age: Inquisition was announced, I was still feeling pretty underwhelmed by Dragon Age 2, and was hanging my hopes on Destiny. I mean, an awesome looking sci-fi game with huge worlds and the tagline, “Become Legend”. I was stoked.

And then I played it to find that it had no story to speak of. I’m not sure how one becomes a legend when there is no narrative, and no one is, not even the development team at Bungie. I mean, your character doesn’t really matter in the slightest. And calling them a character is a stretch. They’re an avatar. They make no decisions, can have only the most base interactions with NPCs and ultimately don’t matter. You can be the same species as an antagonist character, and she talks down to you the same as she does to a human character, the dialogue is identical.

And it made me crazy. I didn’t complete the “story” missions. In fact, I haven’t touched the game since my husband admitted that the story never fully develops, and that there’s no real resolution at the end. I mean, really, what’s the point?

I know I’m walking a dangerous line here. People love this game. And the gameplay itself is fantastic. The movement the leveling, the armor, all the actual gameplay elements are great. But, without the story to carry them, I just don’t give a f***.

So, by the time November 18th came around, I was desperate for Dragon Age: Inquisition. I knew BioWare would create and tell a story that would completely enthrall me. They would create and reintroduce characters that became more than a collection of pixels. And I was right.

My Inquisitor
My Inquisitor

I finally “finished” my first playthrough, after about 90 hours of game time. I put finish in quotation marks because there’s still more for my character to do, I just finished the main story line. And, it’s left me reeling. There’s a major cliffhanger at the end, and I know there’s going to be DLC, which I am desperate to get to. Even though it hasn’t been announced, let alone released yet.

I know I’ve talked a bit about BioWare and video game writing here, and I’m not looking to rehash any sentiments I’ve made plain before. I just wanted to mention that, as the credits rolled by, I read the names on the writing team. Out of seven or eight writers, three were women.

Now, three isn’t a big number, but three out of seven? That’s practically half! That’s awesome and I am so proud to be a gamer/writer chick!

Anyway, now that I’m back from my sabbatical in Thedas (the world the Dragon Age games take place in), it’s time to update you all and talk a bit about my plans and goals,

School is over until January 15th… or the 17th. I can’t remember right this second, but over a month! A blessed month of free time! I did well in my English class, which was to be expected. I’m still waiting on the final grade for French, but I’m feeling pretty good.

The Nameless Book Club finally had its first reading meeting. We had a ton of fun! Of course, the wine had a lot to do with that, but we all enjoyed Stupid & Contagious, and I think it was the perfect book to break the ice. We selected Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café as our next book, and we’re meeting mid-January. I’ve already started it, and though it’s not my typical genre, I’m intrigued by it so far.
Book Club

So, that’s all happening. And it’s all good. I emailed my Editor at Caladria, and expressed an interest in writing consistently for them. She was thrilled, and handed my three story options to pursue. After some talking, I’ve got my next short story assigned and have started a vague outline! Also, my first story for them, Hunting Storm, is going to appear in the inaugural issue! Trust me, as soon as I have release and price details, I will be blowing it up here!

I do need to do a deep read through of Hunting Storm to check over some edits my Editor made, but so far it’s looking good. She cut 137 words, which was to be expected. I, like a noob, turned in my rough draft, so I knew there’d be some fixes. Luckily it was a very clean draft!

So, I’ve got my new story assignment, but I haven’t written anything in a while. And since I have Dragon Age on the brain, I’m going to write a one-shot series FanFiction, to sort of limber the writing back up.

I did a few edits on Vessels over the last month or so, which was nice. I’ve been wanting to take a look at Cards, but I can tell it’s still too fresh. I’m shooting for a spring read through. Hopefully the rough draft of Vessels will be completely edited by then, I can’t rightly start edits on a new story when I’m in the middle of another.

In non-writing news, my legal name change is processing with the Social Security Office. In my personal life, I am no longer a Zelkovich, but I’ll be damned if I’m giving up such a unique name in my writing life! Just have to let the banks know I’m still “doing business as” Zelkovich, just in case I actually make money at this writing thing someday.

Anyway, that’s just about everything going on. We bought and decorated our Christmas tree last night, which is one of my favorite traditions we have. I help him string the lights, and he helps me hang the baubles. We sing and dance to classic Christmas songs, and generally drink beer. We didn’t do that bit last night, but the weekend is fast approaching.

christmas tree 2014

Have a great weekend blogland! I am back!