A Stranger in the Mists Fab Fables #2

Hunting StormFab Fables #1

Fallen Star“Breakthrough” Torrid Literary Journal vol. VII

Wild TurkeysThe Gila River Review Fall 2012 Issue

You’ve Always Been Good at Crazy The Gila River Review Fall 2012 Issue

Goodbye, Marla The Blue Guitar Magazine Fall 2011 Issue



Audient Void issue 4


The Audient Void No. 5  OUT NOW!

The Audient Void No.4

The Audient Void No.3

The Audient Void No.2

The Audient Void No.1

Vote For Me, Honey by Ellie Musgrove, Fab Fables #6

Spirit of the Woods by David Trebus, Fab Fables #4




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