So… it’s 2020.

Here’s the deal:

I was so. fucking. burned. out. at the end of last year. This new job has been the steepest learning curve ever, and not because I’m responsible for running a 10k+ material library, but because teenagers are beings of pure emotion. I was not prepared nor equipped for the emotional labor this job would require.

That said, I’m feeling much more balanced this semester. I’m working out again, eating better, drinking lots of water. I’m even reading again! And there’s been lots of fanfic writing and even a little work on a new short story.

I feel like a budding flower, poking my head out of the dirt and wondering if there’s enough sunshine to make the work worthwhile. But, I’ve worked on the new short story twice in the last week. I reread and started contemplating editing the last short story I wrote. I’ve read 10 books this year already. I don’t want to say I’m back, because we all know that doesn’t mean shit.

But I’m here right now. I’ve thought about the blog and the routines I used to have. And the novel that’s waiting for me to revise it and make it the best thing I’ve ever written. I don’t know if it was a bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder, legit depression, or just a case of this introvert being utterly sapped of all energy, but I’m feeling better now. I even went on a hike on Saturday!

So yeah. I’m around, I guess. Maybe tomorrow I’ll finally do the 2019 recap. I kept all the stats, I just haven’t talked about them yet. I haven’t been tracking any goals or stats for 2020, because I literally haven’t thought about what I want to accomplish this year. It seems… unfathomable. Or, at least, it did. Right now I have a couple ideas of things I’d like to do and I do have an intention for the year, so I guess I didn’t *completely* ignore my routines.

Maybe, if I’m feeling similarly motivated tomorrow night, I’ll finally write that recap. There’s also a bunch of book reviews I could write. Maybe you’ll see more of me in the coming weeks.


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