The End of an Era

That’s really all I have to say. I worked at my city library for almost five years. I loved my job, my coworkers, and my patrons. I learned a lot, not just about the field but about my community and how true customer service comes from a place of empathy for the people you serve.

I wouldn’t trade these last five years for anything. I found my second calling, the only other job that makes me proud besides my writing. I’ve made lifelong friends and a lasting impact for my patrons.

I can’t really ask for more than that.

Hopefully, whatever job comes next, I’ll find that same meaning and pride in what I do. It makes all the difference when I wake up each morning.

Thanks for following me through these last few weeks. It’s been really hard not to be negative and to find the silver lining in this layoff, but I’m trying.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Weekly Goals and the Monthly Recap. Gotta love when the first of the month falls on a Monday!

Til then, Bloggarts.



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