Goals Summary 2018 – Wk 26

It’s that time again Blogland! Can you believe we are officially halfway through the year? It sure doesn’t feel like it from where I’m sitting. It’s a cloudy day, cooler than you’d expect for the Independence Day week, and I find myself with more things on my To-Do list than I know what to do with. Ha.

Last Week

  • Publish two blog posts
  • Write 500 words/day of The Steel Armada
  • Finish reading Kill the Farm Boy
  • Write two tumblr prompts
  • Write 500 words on Sanctuary
  • Review Madhu’s pages

How’d I Do?

  • Publish two blog posts
    • Yes! I was actually present on the blog this week and it felt really good.
  • Write 500 words/day of The Steel Armada
    • Ha. Ha. Ha. Nope. I wrote 230 words on the book this week. Yikes.
  • Finish reading Kill the Farm Boy
    • Nope, but I did make some progress. Only 100 pages to go!
  • Write two tumblr prompts
    • Yes! I’m slowly chipping away at those prompts sitting in my inbox, and both of the ones I wrote and shared this week were well received, which is always nice.
  • Write 500 words on Sanctuary
    • Yes!!! I wrote finished two chapter of this fanfic this week and I am over the moon about it!

      My Sara and her Space Husbando, Reyes.
  • Review Madhu’s pages
    • Of course! You all know this by now.

Weekly Word Count: 6,778

The first half of this week felt pretty grim to me. There wasn’t much motivation or interest in doing much of anything. I spent all my down time playing Kingdom Hearts and eating ice cream. Y’know, peak mental wellness. But, I got my new glasses on Friday, listened to the new Mike Shinoda album, and suddenly I felt good.

The feeling persisted through the weekend, and found me back at the laptop getting work done. That word count is a testament to that. And, despite a stressful workday, I’m still feeling good. I’m hopeful for the week to come.

What’s Next?

  • Publish two blog posts
  • Write 500 words/day on The Steel Armada
  • Start chapter 6 of Sanctuary
  • Write a tumblr prompt
  • Finish reading Kill the Farm Boy
  • Submit Lifelike somewhere
  • Record an “episode” of Santa Sarita
  • Review Madhu’s pages

Whew. That’s… a lot. Like, maybe the most bullet points I’ve had on a week yet. It’s a little daunting, especially considering my slump in June, but I’m feeling good. All of these goals are projects I’m excited about, and any progress on them will be better than where I’m starting.

dale cooper coffee

God, don’t you just love the smell of gratuitous optimism in the morning? Can you tell I’ve had my coffee?

So, that’s the week ahead. I’ve got quite a few blog post ideas, so expect to see me around a bit this week. I don’t think I’ll have a book review up this week, but definitely next week. I’ve got some library musings to share, as well as a Six Month Update to write about the year so far. Then of course I want to talk about my experiences submitting my short stories so far and I’d like to blather on about my audiofanfic project. So, yeah. I’ve got a lot to talk about!

I hope you’ll stick around for it.

Until then,



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