Unexpected Energy

Hi Bloggos,

I know I just said I probably wouldn’t be back this week, but I’m a lying liar who lies. Sometimes. And usually only about this. Ahem. Anyway! I’m chilling at Starbucks, getting work done, which feels amazing! I mentioned that rejection on Lifelike? Well, making changes based on the feedback provided wasn’t as god awful as I’d imagined. It actually went pretty quickly and only added 20 words. Still solidly Flash Fiction. So, it’s off to the next market. Fingers crossed!

I got new glasses, so I’m adjusting to those. My prescription changed quite a bit in one eye so if I look around too quickly it’s a little disorienting. But things are crisp and so, so clear. Also, they’re teal tortoise shell and they are adorable! I love them.

The sun is out, not a cloud to be seen, I’ve had my coffee and breakfast, and talked to Madhu and my old Creative Writing professor. I’m feeling incredibly good. I listened to Mike Shinoda’s new album and honestly, I think it really helped get my head on straight. I’m not making any promises about my productivity in the next few days, but I’m hopeful.

I just realized that June is pretty much over, so I will be back on Sunday to do the monthly wrap up. I’ve got a couple blog post ideas for next week, so if I can just get back to reading I think things will get right back to the way they were before I derailed.

Also, less than three months before we go to Germany!!!!

Basically, I’m feeling incredible for the first time in weeks and wanted to share. So, thanks for listening! I’ll talk at you again soon!



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