Book Review – Dark Deeds (Keiko #3) by Mike Brooks

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My favorite not-quite space pirates are back with a whole new adventure in Dark Deeds! Please take a moment to check out my reviews of the first two books, Dark Run and Dark Sky.

Last we saw them, Ichabod Drift and the crew of the Keiko had just barely escaped the storm and civil unrest of the Red Star planet Urugan. You’d think they’d shoot for a bit of peace after all of that. And you’d be right. But since when do any of Ichabod Drift’s wishes come true?

Dark Deeds

Goodreads Rating: 4/5 Stars

Dark Deeds is another action-packed book that’s just as fun and amusing as its predecessors. The only reason this book received a 4-star rating is because the action didn’t quite compare with that in Dark Sky, and because some shit went down that makes me sad. I’m sticking to my new view on spoilers and keeping it vague, but… This book hardly ends on a happy note.

The book opens with a peek into the past, and yet another bar fight for Ichabod. By now, it’s tradition for Ichabod to act as the punching bag for someone in the opening pages, and it’s one I thoroughly enjoy. But, the humorous opening doesn’t last long.

Ichabod and Rourke have been kidnapped by Sergei Orlov, the mob boss from Dark Sky. You might recall that that  job didn’t go as planned, and Orlov doesn’t suffer failure. He takes Rourke hostage and gives Ichabod an ultimatum: two months to get together 500,000 Stars (the Red Star government’s currency) or Rourke dies a slow and painful death.

Ichabod agrees to the terms, but he knows that even on his best day the chances of pulling together that kind of money are slim-to-none. If he has any hope of saving Rourke, he’ll have to take even greater risks.

Brooks continues to surprise me with his hilarious dialogue and his ability to create characters that are simultaneously endearing and utterly infuriating. I’m looking at you, Chang twins. I also enjoyed watching Muradov settle into his new role on the crew, and witnessing the awkward, developing relationship between Jenna and Apirana.

Basically, I love everyone and the fact that I get to read stories of all of them on these wild adventures makes me incredibly happy! Until things happen that are decidedly not happy…

keiko seriesI’m unsure at the moment if there will be more Keiko books. I’ve searched the web for any hint, and so far there are no whispers of forthcoming installments that I could find. I really hope it’s just being kept on the down low, because I really like these books. And, I can’t imagine that the series would end where it did.

Please, madre de Dios, don’t let Dark Deeds be the last one! I’m addicted!

I just finished reading Semiosis and will have the review up sometime this weekend. Otherwise I will be editing and writing, trying to get all the goals for this week into the black.

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