It’s That Time of Year…

Oh, Blogland.

I’ve abandoned you. Yet again. But, it wasn’t just you. I’ve played hermit from so much of my life this last month, and only now do I appear to survey the damage.

Aside from a missing email from The Audient Void that I need to address, things seem to have held up all right in my absence. I’m ready to get back into it.

I mean, after New Years. Because, let’s be honest, I’m not getting shit done until the holidays have come and gone.

But, last thing you all knew I was halfway through NaNoWriMo. Let’s bring everyone up to speed.

NaNo was…. a success. I wrote a total of 11,444 words. That’s just over 3k short of my goal of 15k, and I have no doubt that I could have done much more if I’d been more disciplined. That word count reflects only two weeks of writing. Not too shabby for someone who thinks she’s so rusty.

It gives me hope for the coming year. I have the words, and the stories. I just have to get the muscle toned again. I can do thaperseust. As long as I keep to a schedule.

In the meantime, the writing room has really come together. A new sofa now graces the wall across from the window, and I’ve got some new organizational items that were dirt cheap at Goodwill. All that’s left is a nice arched lamp over the sofa, a tiny side table, and a rug.

You know, to tie the room together.

But, it’ll get there.

Since this will most likely be my last post of 2016, let’s talk about goals.

Next year I want to do the following:

  • The Steel Armada draft #3
  • Submit The Portrait of Sterling Madison to The Audient Void
  • From the Quorum rough draft
  • Cards draft #2
  • Publish 104 blog posts — 2/week
  • Read 60 books

That’s a lot of stuff, I know. But, I’m only working 30 hours a week right now, and I’m not going to school. I need to pick things up and get to work.

Now, the year in review. What the hell happened to 2016?

Well, for starters, we bought a house. For years that seemed like some far off dream, a foolish mirage we were chasing through the desert of our twenties. And then suddenly we had the keys and so much more responsibility than we could have ever prepared for. I’ve loved every single moment. And it’s been an admitted time-sink.

I mean, we built that…

We got a dog! Another, adorable, totally worth it time-sink.

I finished my Bachelor Degree! Over half the year was spent busting my ass to get those three words on my degree: Magna Cum Laude. It feels good every time I glance up at the degree hanging on my wall. Damn good.

I wrote over 16k words of From the Quorum, and got The Steel Armada into its second draft. I also completely gutted The Portrait of Sterling Madison, priming it for a rewrite in 2017. Plus acting as an Editorial Consultant for The Audient Void.

I worked an average of 48 hours a week until mid-November. Usually more than that.

And I’m on track to read 61 books this year.

Tack on a couple weekend getaways, friends with life changing events, and beginning a DnD campaign. I’ve been really busy this year… Here’s hoping that 2017 mellows out so I can shut the real world out and get back to fiction.desk

From where I’m sitting now, in my very nearly finished “writing room”, things are looking good.

I hope your holiday season is full of warm, tasty food, shared with the people your care for most. Thanks, as usual Blogland, for getting this far.

I’ll see you all in 2017.




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