Book Review – Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

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We’re here to discuss the sequel to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Hollow City. hollow-city

I enjoyed this installment, though it was a bit slower. At least, I felt bored a bit more than I recalled being in the first one. It just seems that Jacob and the children spend a lot of time arguing, and when they do get into bad situations they get saved by dumb luck a lot.

Not enough for me to really want to call Riggs out for making things easy, but enough that I was a little miffed when they kept getting missed by bombs dropped during a London air raid. The one person who did get hit happened to have a healing ability that would put Wade Wilson’s to shame. This girl barely batted an eye at the giant hole left in her torso from being impaled on a ruined beam (see cover).

And so it went.

The descriptions were wonderful. The setting in particular was of immense interest. This group of rag-tag children fleeing through a war torn London was really awesome. Frightening enough on its own that adding Hollows and Wights chasing them just made it even better!

St Paul.jpg
St. Paul’s Cathedral during the Blitz

And of course, I love these characters. Jacob has matured a lot, and his relationship with Emma has as well. Emma herself has grown on me. I remember not being too fond of her in book one. It seemed like she was using Jacob. That she just missed Abe so much that she would take Jacob as a consolation prize. But, by the end of this book, those fears and suspicions are laid to rest.

But, the other children really shine in this book. Horace, who was really just a side character in the first book, has a lot of wonderful, important moments. So does Hugh, Enoch, and Bronwyn. But, most of all, I really love Millard. He’s the invisible boy who has given his life to studying Peculiars. He’s got a smart mouth to  match that oversized brain of his. I like it.

Anyway, the children must find another ymbryne so that they can restore Miss Peregrine. On the way they meet a Peculiar Menagerie, complete with an emu-raffe, which is sort of like a bipedal donkey, and a talking, glasses wearing boxer named Addison. But, once they find Miss Wren, everything falls apart. The children are captured by an army of Wights, brought into the present, in which only Emma, Jacob, and Addison manage to escape.

Now they’re stranded in the present, unsure what to do and where to start looking. And if they don’t figure it out soon, Emma will age forward and die. And Miss Peregrine and her children will be lost to the Wights forever.

Overall this was a good book. Not a great one, but it had a bit to compare to. The first book was really good, and read so fast! This one took its time, exploring Peculiardom and fleshing out the kids a bit more. But, the ending springboards into the next book at high speed. libraryofsouls

I’m ready to dig into it!

Thanks for reading Blogland, I’ll talk at you soon!



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