Goals Summary Wk of 10/10

Hello Blogland!

The weather here has finally succumbed to the season. We’ve had nonstop rainfall for about four days now, which is always good for writing. Not to make you think I’ve done any. I haven’t. But, I’m starting to feel like my brain is coming around to it.

Also, I’ve had a lot of conversations about my current panic over my lack of writing, and I’ve received a ton of great advice from the people around me. I’ll go over some of it in a post later this week. But, let’s just say I’m in a much better state of mind right now.

We’ll see how long it lasts.

Anyway, last week’s goals were:

  • Publish two blog posts
  • READ!
  • Finish Chapter 7 of Jordinn’s Story

So, I had a pretty OK week.  I published two blog posts, one of which was the unexpected book review for A Dance of Cloaks. I like telling my own timelines to suck it! It felt damn good. Obviously that means that my second goal, “READ!”, as it appears on the white board, was a success as well. I’m well into Hollow City at this point, and anticipate a mid-week completion.

The only thing I didn’t complete, again, was finishing chapter 7 of Jordinn’s Story. But, I do have some news in that department.

Today I set up my NaNoWriMo for this year. What that means is I “announced” my novel. You give it a title, a synopsis, and include an excerpt, and if you want you can include some cover art. This allows other WriMos to see that you are participating this year. I also updated my Author Info and updated my location. Basically, I got my NaNoWriMo account all ready for my participation this November.

So, my goal for NaNo isn’t to win. Even at my writing height I never won, so it’d be insanity to put that kind of pressure on myself this year. No. Instead my goal is to write 500 words a day. That’s cake. I laugh at 500 words. I could write that in my sleep…

If I ever get my ass in the chair.

And that’s the point of this year’s participation. Build up the habits I used to have, and write every single day. Or damn well near. If I can do that I should hit about 15k words, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

What was really great about setting up the novel for NaNo was that I had to really think about it again in order to A: give it a title, and B: write a synopsis. I ended up doing a bit of worldbuilding, and realized just how much I still need to do.

So, that’s going to be one of my major focuses this November. I want to build this world. I have the government outlined and fleshed out a bit better already, and I’ve added a touch of depth to the two major religions. But there’s so much more opportunity. Right now Jordinn’s Story is a skeleton of character interactions with a thin skin of plot. It needs a lot more than that.

Oh! I will also no longer refer to the novel as Jordinn’s Story. It has a new name in honor of this fresh start. From the Quorum. I fully anticipate referring to it as FtQ in the future.

What do you guys think?

Anyway, I wrote a 400 word synopsis, so I feel like that’s a major step in that right direction.

What’s in store for this week?

  • Publish two blog posts
  • Hollow City book review
  • Finish Chapter 7 of From the Quorum

Still a short list, but I need to keep it straightforward for a while. At least until I start building up steam.

I hope you all had good weekends! I’ll talk at you all soon.



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