Goal Summary wk. 9/5

All right, Blogland.

Time to talk about goals. This week is another I’m penciling in as a success.Although Jordinn’s Story was neglected this week, everything else was accomplished.

  • Coraline Book Review
  • Two Blog Posts
  • Edits on The Portrait of Sterling Madison

Ok… three bullet points doesn’t seem that impressive, but not included here is the reformat and reprinting of every story I’ve ever finished, so that they can be compiled in one giant binder. That took some time, and it was worth the effort. Getting everything streamlined into Manuscript Format feels damn good.

So, this week, I’ve got four bullet points.

  • The Obelisk Gate Book Review
  • Two Blog posts
  • Rewrite of The Portrait of Sterling Madison, aka draft #4
  • Finish chapter 7 of Jordinn’s Story

I’m also confident that I’ll finish Golden Son sometime this week, because it’s proving too good to put down. I’m flying through it. As for The Neverending Story… it’s going to be a while. It’s taking FOREVER. I’m getting rather bored with it, to be honest.

What else?

I haven’t started Over Sea, Under Stone yet, and fully anticipate that it might fall off the list. I just don’t have enough time to listen to hours and hours of audio books like I planned. But, I might still make some progress.

Also, in my limited spare time, I’m reteaching myself piano. We bought an old ’50s Wurlitzer, and though it needs a slight tuning, I’m learning a lot. Songs include tracks from the Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack, Final Fantasy VII, Pride and Prejudice, Kingdom Hearts, and Howl’s Moving Castle. Some of them are far beyond my capabilities, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try. How else do you get better?

Anyway, shelves are progressing slowly. We’re still on track for a Sunday install, but it could get pushed back depending on how this week goes. I’ll keep you all posted, including pictures.

Talk at you all soon!






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