… Still not August…

Hi Blogland,

Just checking in to tell y’all that I’ve updated the “What I’m Reading Page”. There hasn’t been a ton of progress, and what progress there is comes thanks to audiobooks. What I did before them is a mystery to me.

There’s a couple Graphic Novels that have helped get me by as well. But, mostly I’m drifting in a sea of neglected homework. I knew this last term was going to be intense, but I was woefully unprepared for my own apathy toward the coursework. Even though I find the writing exercises in Intermediate Creative Writing interesting, I have ZERO interest in writing a memoir. And the readings for my horror class are also interesting. But, I have absolutely no drive to write eight annotations a week.

Point is, is it August 9th yet? Oh, so close!

I’ll see you all then. In the meantime, keep an eye on my reading page, as I slowly make updates.



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