A New Year, A New Look #2

Hello Blogland!

First, let me say Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope you spent the season with those you cherish most. The husband and I traveled to Arizona to spend five crazy days with my family. The time absolutely flew by, and now we’re home and I’m finally ready to get this year rolling!

Second thing, how do you like the new layout?

Personally, I rather enjoy it. It’s streamlined and simple. It’s easier to read than last year’s lavender obsession, and it’s much easier to navigate. I hope you guys like it.

Some things to point out about the new layout:

There’s now a grown-up Menu! This is where you’ll now find the “About” page, as well as the “What I’m Reading” page.

The “What I’m Reading Page” has been streamlined as well. Instead of troublesome tabs, there are now simple links for each year. You’ll see that 2016 has already been added.

Which brings me to my next topic: Reading!

2015 was an absolutely insane year for reading. I set an original goal of 30 books as my Reading Challenge on Goodreads, but had to up it to 45 when I reached thirty titles in the fall. According to Goodreads I finished 2015 with 54 titles, but I read Shadows of Self twice, so I’m telling myself 55.

But, my page, which is my official method of counting, says I read 52 novels/novellas/comics and 22 short stories. Regardless, it’s a ton of reading, considering my free time is pretty limited.

2016 is off to what I consider a slow start. I set a goal of 52 books, mainly because I know I can do it. But, I’ve enjoyed this winter break from school as much as I can, which means I’m hanging out with friends and playing a ridiculous amount of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Sadly, that leaves my reading pretty much on hold. I crack open a book during my lunch break, so I’m only reading about 20-30 pages a day.

School starts next week, so I need to get my books ordered and shipped. I’m in the final push, only this semester and three summer classes to go! I’m taking all electives from here, which means there aren’t as many literature classes on the docket. I expect my reading list will be much shorter this year because of it.

But, I’m excited for the end. I want free time again. Mainly because I miss writing and editing.

Which brings me to the final topic of today’s post: Writing Goals!

Since I will be done with school by August, that leaves almost half the year to really catch up on all this lost time. There’s so much that I want to do that it’s making me stir crazy.

My main goal is to get Vessels into it’s third draft this year. It’s currently in limbo between drafts 1 and 2, since all the edits were on paper, and now need to be made in the computer. I know it’s a time consuming process, but it’s always worked for me. Seeing the words printed is so much different than seeing them on the screen, so it helps me notice errors and gaps that I would gloss over otherwise. Plus, I think better in ink. And of course, it’s a total ego boost to hold my writing in my hands!

So, draft three is the goal. That is my main focus of 2016. In between edits, I’m going to pick back up on Jordinn’s Story. This book is my baby. I’ve had these characters roaming around my mind for about 7 years, and I knew they wouldn’t abandon me while I focused on school. But, I can’t wait to return to them and finally write it all down. After Vessels is in third draft, and Jordinn’s Story has seen some serious content development, I’ll finally pull Cards down from its virtual shelf, dust it off, and tear it up. I cannot wait to edit that one!

But, I only have 6ish months of freedom in 2016, so sadly Cards probably won’t see the light of day until Spring 2017.

Anyway, this is where I’m at right now. These are the things I want to accomplish this year. I know that life rarely follows plans, but that won’t keep me from making them.

See you soon Blogland,




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