Wednesday Check In

Hey all,

Just wanted to pop in and say hi! I finished reading The Alloy of Law last night, so you should the book review soon. Probably tomorrow.

There’s a lot of short fiction and poetry assigned this week and next for my African American Literature class. Not the most entertaining subject, but it is interesting, and a completely new genre for me. Gotta keep those horizon’s broad, right?

Anyway, if you pop on over to the “What I’m Reading” page, you’ll see updated reading. If that’s of interest to you.

This weekend is Halloween, and my costume game is strong this year. Expect pictures sometime next week.

Also, I submitted my short story Fallen Star to an ASU writing contest. It’s only for English majors, so hopefully the pool is small. Anyway, first prize gets $500, which would be ridiculous. But, I submitted on a whim, and it’s an old story. My writing has come a long way since then. So I have low expectations. I’ll know Monday the 9th, so keep an eye out for that.

Anywho, I gotta go. Lunch and then work. Then laundry and homework tonight.

I’m tired. Is it summer yet? Oh, wait, I’ll be taking summer classes…

Is it Fall 2016 yet?

See you tomorrow, Blogland!


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