Coping with Non-Writing

Hello, Blogland!

I found some spare time and thought I’d come talk at ya!

It’s an iconically cloudy day here in Salem, and it’s frigid. I’m sitting inside Starbucks with my coat on, because my thin desert blood can’t even.

I’ve been nose deep in homework the last two days, and the days before that were two magical ones spent in Portland with my husband, watching two mind-blowing performances. We saw Hozier (of “Take Me to Church” fame) and MS MR (best known for their single “Hurricane”).

But, Trevor and I were more than happy to be home these last two days. Portland is exhausting. It’s frantic and stressed. My poor introverted sensibilities were frayed by the time we came home Wednesday night.

Let’s see, I finished Moving Mars finally. I’m sad that it took me so long, especially since it was so enjoyable. I’m on to rereading the Wayne and Wax books, which is always a welcome diversion. Also, look out for an Alloy book review this time, since I haven’t read it since I’ve started reviewing!

Registration for spring is on Tuesday, and I’ve got my classes all lined up. One of them is a “Writing Science Fiction” course, and I am absolutely giddy about it. I haven’t had a creative writing course since 2012, and I miss it. A lot.

I’m in the final push for meeting my reading goal this year. My original goal was 30, which I passed about 8 books ago. I upped the goal to 45, and should hit 47 or 48 by the New Year. But, if I slack off at all, I could miss it, so I must keep vigilant. Mad-Eye Moody style.

I’ve got Cards on the brain, which is bad. It’s not time yet. Vessels is so close to being in the second draft that I can’t give up now. I still want to have the second draft ready to print by the New Year, but I acknowledge that I might fall a bit behind schedule there. I will not start Cards edits until Vessels is in the third draft. Which means it could be another year before I look at Cards again…

School really got in the way of my writing plans. But, it’s worth it. I know that, and I have to repeat it like the mantra it is. Because it is oh, so tempting to put classwork aside and start editing and writing again.

Which is why this writing class is going to be so perfect. Because all this literary analysis is making me crazy. I can feel the writing itch, like a fuzzy scraping on the edges of my brain. And my nerves are worn. I’m not as close to burnout as I was a few months ago, and this week especially was rather healing, but I’m still not right. Without writing, a part of me feels like I’m on hold. Forever doomed to listen to elevator music in my mind.

But, the end is in sight. This time next year I will be back into the writing swing. I’ll have free time to pursue all my writing and editing dreams, with a shiny new degree hanging on my wall.

Because, remember, it’s worth it.

Anyway, I’ve got to grab a small lunch and head to work. I should see you in a couple of days with a new book review! Until then, have a great weekend Blogland!


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