Sanderson Updates!

Is it October 6th yet?

Brandon Sanderson just posted a blog which included the prologue and the first two chapters from his forthcoming Shadows of Self. In case you don’t remember from my last rabid ranting, Shadows of Self is the sequel to The Alloy of Law, which is arguably one of my favorite books ever. Granted, I say that about a lot of books these days.

Anyway, it releases October 6th, and after reading these preview chapters, I cannot wait! I love these characters, and treat my time with them as if they were cherished friends come to visit. Especially Wayne. That guy just cracks me up. I’m in love with him, completely. Which is a dangerous thing, because Sanderson is likely to maim him, or even kill him by the time the series is through.

School’s going well. I’m keeping up with my assignments, and enjoying the readings so far. I’m still making time for my personal readings, and am bouncing between the Rogues anthology and Sanderson’s novella Perfect State.

I’m still not sure what novel I tear into next, especially since Amazon is touting a October 15th release date for the Thorn of Emberlain. There’s just so much good reading coming up!

Anyway, I’m off to spend time with the hubby, before I lose him to Destiny.

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