Somehow, Progress

Well, hello again!

This hasn’t happened in a while. Back to back posts? Is that even a thing anymore?

Well, it is today.

I finished reading The Maltese Falcon today. I loved it. So much so, that I placed a hold on Dashiell Hammett’s short stories, so I can read more of Sam Spade.

Today has been relaxing. I mean, I worked earlier, but I have most of the day off. Reading, eating Mexican food, catching up on homework and Caladria stuff. These are the kinds of things I find relaxing…

I seriously need a vacation.

In case you weren’t aware, Fab Fables #6 is out now! As usual, there’s some great stories waiting for you.

What else?

Oh! I actually edited a chapter of Vessels the other day. I know right? Who saw that one coming? And, I think I’m going to do another one today. I’m over halfway through with the first round of edits. Then I retype it all up, and have at it again.

If I don’t get my ass in gear, this novel is going to take years to edit. That is not acceptable. Granted, if we took just the actual time I spent on it, it’d be maybe a month or two…

Which is still not OK. I should never have neglected it so badly. But, I kept my promise. I haven’t looked at Cards at all. And I won’t, until I’m satisfied with Vessels.

Man, I’m going to be editing these manuscripts forever.

I got a B in my first Summer Class. Better than I anticipated, since I really didn’t try very much. Bummer that it’ll drop my GPA, but I figure I can bounce back. Especially since I’m loving this Noir class so far.

If you’re keeping tabs on me via Goodreads, you’ll see that I’m 70% done with my reading goal this year. Really, 30 books wasn’t enough of a challenge, not with school bolstering my TBR list. But, I don’t think I’ll be able to hit 52. I’m 6 books behind, and I just don’t have the free time to make up the gap. So maybe 45 will be a good place to aim for.

Anyway, I’m gonna go do things. I’m feeling motivated, and this migraine is finally fading.

Have a happy 4th Blogland!


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