White Lightning vs. Illusion


I think I just wrote a comic book.

I guess you need a little more to go on.

I may have mentioned a while ago that I was participating in a free online course offered by the Smithsonian Institute called, The Rise of the Superheroes. Michael Uslan and Stan Lee are the teachers, and thousands of students from all over the world have signed up.

Me, Crazybull, and our friend Flash have all joined. If you can’t tell, my world is big on nicknames.

Anyway, the major assignment is to write your own comic book. Or, at least a few panels. Flash and I decided to team up. He created his super hero, White Lightning. White Lightning is a dorky, awkward, and completely loveable speedster who’s desperate for truth.

And in our inaugural issue, he meets Illusion, an enigmatic shape shifter, who’s also a computer wizard, hell bent on stealing, and selling, all the information he can get his hacker hands on.

Now, I can’t draw to save my life. And Flash is only a trifle better. So he’s drawing, I’m writing. I created Illusion, and I can’t wait for this cocky trickster to get some time on the page.

Anyway, Flash and I sat at our favorite brewery and outlined the entire issue. It’s about 30 panels, so maybe six pages. As it sits now. I know myself, and I’m likely to flesh things out a bit in the writing. The only problem is that I have to write a script.

As in, a script. That same form I swore off 2+ years ago. I’ve never written a comic book before, and have no idea what I’m doing. I know that the script has to come first, which means I have to be thorough. We won’t have the art to go off of… the art needs to go off my script. Blegh.

But, the story we hashed out is pretty damn good. I’m excited to get working on it. And the two Caladria stories that I’m waiting to get the green light for.

I’m beginning to think of myself as an Elf expert for Caladria. I’m in charge of 4 stories all revolving around Elves, or Allaf’dari, as they call themselves. And I love it. I have a lot of influences, including Tolkien and Dragon Age, but the ‘dari are growing into their own.

I’m supposed to be doing English homework right now, but instead I’m daydreaming somewhere between fanfiction, my fiction, The Gentlemen Bastards, and beer.

I’ve got to pull myself together…

Anywho, I have to at least attempt my homework tonight, before Trevor meets me at the brewery.

I’ll see you soon Blogland.


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