Reading, Writing, and the 60 Hour Work Week

Well, I made it. Three straight weeks at 60 hours each. Plus school. I made it. All assignments were turned in on time, I was on time to each shift, and didn’t fall asleep in any awkward/inconvenient places or times.

I’m calling that success.

Somewhere in there I found time to edit a story for Caladria, which is almost ready for final approval. Just a couple more correspondences with the author to iron out any little inconsistencies and polishing to really make it shine. I’m pretty proud of the piece. David (the author) worked really hard to clean up the first draft, and I wasn’t exactly a lax editor. At least I didn’t feel that way.
Speaking of Caladria, issue three of Fab Fables is out now! What are you waiting for?

I’m still reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and it’s killing me. 203 pages never seemed so long. And boring. I get it, drugs are bad, and people on drugs are crazy. Can we get to the point all ready? I’m supposed to have it finished by Wednesday night, but I have almost 100 pages to go, and absolutely no urge to read it.

I’m looking forward to reading whatever comes next. I placed a hold on Redshirts by John Scalzi at the library, and can’t wait for that notification. Then I’m pretty sure I’m going to try The Lies of Locke Lamora.

Tomorrow I have about 2 hours of French homework due before work. If I stay focused I should have time left over, in which I will start my next short story for Caladria. It’s been bubbling around in my brain for the last couple of days, and I think it’s just about ready to get going. My previous story, Sparks Fly, has been back-burnered until we hash out some of the details. It’s a fairly pivotal story for the history of the world, so we have to be careful in how we handle things.

Then Tuesday is a two-fer day. In which I work both jobs. But, I’m off Wednesday! I’m going to get so much homework done, and hopefully so much writing! Maybe even a little Dragon Age? Who knows!

Anyway, I wanted to stop in and reassure everyone that I’m here, that I’m still reading and writing. That, if I can keep this up, nothing’s going to stop me from publishing.
fear and loathing
So, maybe I’ll see you all on Wednesday. With any luck I’ll have a book review for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ready to rock. Please. Wish me luck.



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