On “Becoming a Writer”

This is a phrase that often irritates me. “I want to be a writer.” “I’m going to pursue my dream of being a writer.”

To write. Writing. Writer. It’s a verb, which means you have to DO it! Stop talking about it, and do it.

I am a writer. I’ve had several works published, and more are on the horizon. You probably don’t know my name, and I don’t have any novels published, but I am a writer.

I sit for hours at a time creating worlds and characters and plots. All for the enjoyment of others.

I’m a very driven, stubborn, and probably irritating person. I latch on to goals, and I don’t give up until I’ve reached them. I don’t subscribe to the thought of “meant to be”. If something doesn’t work out, it’s most likely due to some failing on my part. If I’m lucky, it’s someone else’s failing, but that’s not quite as likely.

So when I hear stories of “aspiring” writers, who’ve been working on their first novel for years, but only work 20 hours a week so they can focus on their “craft”, I tend to get a bit heated.

I know that everyone approaches writing fiction differently. But, I’ve written two novel-length manuscripts in less than two years. I worked full-time, and now work 48+ hours a week. I still write. I still edit. And I’m going to school full-time.

But, you can’t pump out your novel working only 20 hours a week?

Writing isn’t about inspiration. It’s not about the “muse”. It’s about drive and discipline. You put yourself in front of the computer, and you don’t get up until you reach a goal. Whether that’s page numbers, word counts, or events in the story is up to you.

I guess I get so frustrated with the above scenario because I fantasize about what I could get done if I only worked 20 hours a week. I would finish Jordinn’s Story, and the edits for Vessels, plus my Caladria work. And my house would stay clean!

It’s upsetting to me that someone could take such liberty for granted.

So stop telling people you’re going to be a writer, and write already!

Sixth of the Dusk Shadows for Silence perfect state
Now that I got that out of my system, I wanted to swing by and talk about my reading list. It keeps growing. Mostly because Sanderson keeps pumping out stories. I’ve got two novellas of his waiting on my phone, and a new novella releases tomorrow! I’ve already purchased it, and amazon will download it straight to my phone when it releases.

I have to say, that’s pretty badass. I won’t succumb to e-reading for my larger books, mainly because I feel naked without a book tucked under my arm, but when my favorite author is pumping out short fiction on an almost monthly basis, I can get behind digital formatting.

Also discovered today was Jim Butcher’s newest series The Cinder Spires, which is a Steampunk series! It doesn’t release until September 29th, which is dangerously close to Sanderson’s Shadows of Self release of October 8th. And school will be in full swing by then.
The Aeronaut's Windlass Shadows-of-Self_Mistborn_Sanderson

Guess I’ll just have to read extra fast.

So you can see that my To Be Read List just keeps growing. I’m not reading fast enough, at all!

Oh, if I only worked 20 hours a week!

Anyway, I’m off to get that French Homework finished. After that I finally start working on my new Caladria story!

See you all Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “On “Becoming a Writer”

  1. Totally agree. Some people seem to live under the illusion that writing is all inspiration, when getting to that point is about the hard work.

    I’m really looking forward to that Jim Butcher book too. I’ve enjoyed listening to the first couple of Dresden Files books recently, and seeing him turn to writing steampunk will be a lot of fun.

    • I really enjoy his style. It’s straightforward, and often very witty, though that could just be Dresden’s voice. I recently picked up the first book in the Codex Allera series, but haven’t read it yet. To be honest, I’ll probably read The Aeronaut’s Windlass first, haha.

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