Just Keep Reading, and Writing!

So, you know how Rock, Paper, Scissors between three people tends to not work out? That’s what happens when three people share a bet on a two-person Mario Kart Arcade Machine.

Flash, AKA Michael, and I duked it out first. We both play as Yoshi, which was weird, but it was a really close race. I hit the final turn a touch too wide and he snuck past me to the finish line. So, I had to buy the kid a beer.

Then Crazybull, yes that’s his real last name, and Flash raced. And Crazybull won! Which was awesome, because it was great to watch Flash lose, haha.

So then, me and Chris raced. And though it was a close call, I just eeked out a win. But, I ended up buying Crazybull a beer anyway, because his bike was stolen earlier in the day, which is just shitty.

In other news, I finished reading Ready Player One yesterday. I may have teared up a touch at the end. I regret nothing. So, expect a book review for that sometime next week, probably after the book club meeting. We only have two more books left before it’s time to decide if the No Name Book Club reads on! I’m curious to see who stays on board.

But, now I have some reading freedom again, so I’ve pulled Sunrunner’s Fire from the shelf, and added it to the What I’m Reading Page.

Only one more week of this term, so things are a little intense school wise right now. But, I start at the Library the week of spring break, so at least I won’t be juggling finals and a new job!

I’ve been really productive today. I woke up late, which was nice, did my hour of Pilates, busted out both my French homework and my post for Science Fiction, and then penned the synopsis for A Stranger Comes Knocking. That story is officially done! And, surprise! It’s slotted for the second issue of Fab Fables!

I honestly thought it was going in the third issue this whole time! So I didn’t try to snatch a story for the third issue. So, I won’t be writing anything for issue three of Fab Fables, but I am editing a piece, so you’ll still see me!

What happens after that? I’m not sure. But I’m definitely strapped in for the long haul with Caladria. This group of people are just awesome. Super helpful, driven, creative, and friendly.

And they’re looking for more authors! If you’re interested, let me know, and I can help you out!

Any way, I work a late shift tonight, so I actually have a bit of free time. So, I’m off to read and eat lunch!

Have a great day Blogland!



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