Good News, Everyone!

Well, hello there. You probably didn’t expect to hear from me, and yet here I am! And that’s because I have quite a bit to share!

Firstly, I want to remind you all that Caladria‘s first issue of Fab Fables is now available for purchase! We’re also hard at work on issues two and three, so now is the time to check us out!

And, not only am I a contributing author, but I have just added on the responsibility of joining the editing team! Leah is the Chief Editor, and an amazing one at that, and then the wonderful Ellie Musgrove has joined us as well. I’m so thrilled to work with these incredible ladies!

So keep an eye out for all kinds of Caladria awesomeness in the coming months!

If you’ll harken back a week, you’ll recall that I had an interview with the Salem Public Library. Today I got the email, and I got the job!

And I’m pretty sure I’m insane. I’m going to school full-time, working two jobs, running a book club, writing and editing for Caladria and still attempting to work on my own fiction. Oh, and reading all kinds of things in my miniscule amount of free time.

I promise Andrew Knighton, you will get your feedback!!!

Anyway, I have a ton of homework to get through tonight. Just wanted to pop in and share the good news! See you all soon!


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