Patton Oswalt, Endless Homework, and the Joco Cruise!

The last few days, though crisp, have been beautiful. Bright blue skies, rays of sunshine that actually offered some feeble warmth to my frigid skin, and blissfully no breeze. Today is nothing like that.

The clouds have decided to come home, and they’ve blanketed Salem in an oppressive sheet of grey. Not dark grey, or the bruised look of rain clouds. Not the pale fluff of Arizona clouds. These clouds are business grey. The grey of cubicle carpet. They’d make most Arizonans irritable and depressed. But, I guess I’ve acclimated now, because I’m not unhappy to see them.

I’ve opened the blinds to let the thin light in. Trevor’s still asleep. He said last night that he wanted to wake up when I did, so we could make breakfast. I kind of figured that wouldn’t happen. I warned him. I said, “I usually get up around 9”. He grimaced, and agreed, though I think he was harboring a hope that I’d enjoy my rare Sunday off by sleeping in with him.

I hoped so too.

But, I can’t deny Troy and Abed (my alarm tone). Well, sometimes I can. But my brain was immediately active this morning, desperate to use this unplanned time to get something done. My post for my Sci-Fi class. Knock out some of the French homework due tomorrow. Read a tiny bit of The Slow Regard of Silent Things. Finish the third round of edits on A Stranger Comes Knocking. Anything. Something!

And here I am writing an unscheduled blog post.

Ha! As if I schedule any of them. What a crock.

I finished reading Firefight Friday night…

Just say that out loud. Do it. You want to. See? It’s funny!

It was a great story, and just like the first story, I kind of saw the end coming. I won’t go into the details here, but keep an eye out for the review!

So now I’m on to Rothfuss’s novella and so far I love it. It’s eccentric as hell, but the lilting language and whimsical storyline has me hooked.

Speaking of Rothfuss, he, John Scalzi, and Wil Wheaton are all on this mysterious journey known as the JoCo Cruise Crazy 5. Now, maybe I’m just out of the loop on this one, which we all know is likely, but I had to Google it.

Turns out, Jonathan Coulton, who I’m rather fond of, has his own damn cruise! The fact that I am not on that ginormous boat, rubbing elbows with idols, is really infuriating! To put it simply, the JoCo cruise is a nerd cruise. There’s a 24 hour, designated Table Top Game table. There are performances by Jonathan Coulton. There are panels and events from people like Rothfuss, Scalzi, and Wheaton.

I looked at the prices… And they’re really reasonable.

Why am I not on that gorram boat?!

Oh right, I was paying for a wedding and a honeymoon last year. Well, thank goodness that’s over, so we can start living it up, Nerd Style.

…This is why I don’t post on Sundays. My brain is mush from the work/school week. And usually, I’m at work by now, safely busied away from all forms of social media.

Speaking of nerds, Trevor, Crazybull, and myself made the trek to Portland to see Patton Oswalt.

Look at these nerds...
Look at these nerds…

Now, Trevor and I went and saw him perform at the Elsinore Theater back in November 2012. He was hilarious, and adorable in his own tiny, funny man way. But, he was much more approachable at Powell’s. He talked a bit, and you knew it was genuine. He was being himself up there, talking to us and telling us stories. He took questions, and Trevor got to ask him one. Pretty sure that would have made his night, if Patton hadn’t gone above and beyond come signing time.

"Your name is Crazybull? That's awesome!" -Patton Oswalt
“Your name is Crazybull? That’s awesome!” -Patton Oswalt

So, Trevor has owned, and listened to, one of Patton’s comdey CD’s for about as long as we’ve been together. On it is a bit about religion in which the phrase “Sky Cake” is bandied about. A bit. And it’s one of Trevor’s favorite comedy routines, ever. So, when the sticky notes were passed around, so that you could write your name so Patton could write yours, my husband wrote, “Sky Cake”.

The balls on this kid.

I thought he was being ridiculous, but when it was finally our turn, and Patton opened the book and saw Trevor’s yellow post-it note, he laughed. He looked up at Trevor and said, “Oh, Sky Cake…” his voice full of that nostalgic whimsy he uses during the bit.

"Oh, Sky Cake..." -Patton Oswalt
“Oh, Sky Cake…” -Patton Oswalt

This, would have been the best moment of the night. But wait, there’s more! Trevor and I chatted with him as he signed, Trevor even got the CD signed, and Patton was floored that he brought it, just completely jazzed to sign it. And then we walked away, our two minute exposure to one of Trevor’s idols over. And we were pumped and totally, 100% happy to have spent $40 on two books and to have made the drive.

And then, as we walked away, we opened the book. And there, in that thick black marker, read, “Sky Cake – Stay delicious”.

And that was the moment that made Trevor’s evening. I’m so glad that I could be witness to what will become one of my husband’s most cherished memories. He helps me through Sanderson signings, and I’m glad to help him through Comedian encounters.

The three of us walked a block over and got beers and dinner at Deschutes, laughing and telling stories. It was a great night.

Beer makes everything better!
Beer makes everything better!

And that was our adventure. Today I have plans to do nothing but watch the Superbowl. I consider it a national holiday, even when the Steelers aren’t playing. I’m rooting for the Seahawks, seeing as I reside in the PNW. Plus, the Patriots are jerks and Trevor’s a Jets fan, so we hate them!

After the Superbowl, I do have to post about The Time Machine. I finished reading it last night, and though it ended well, it was still a very boring read. I felt like I was inside the world’s longest, and least interesting episode of The Twilight Zone.

Sorry, not sorry.

I haven’t looked at the French homework due tomorrow, because I’m afraid of it. I’m sure there’s a ton. But, I’m off work at 3:30pm, so I have time. And then there are more stories and a novel to be read for next week. Good grief.

I have another round of edits to do for A Stranger Comes Knocking. This has been an eye-opening experience, and I’ve learned a lot. I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned on my manuscripts. But, I’ll talk more about that another time.

Sorry my Writing Excuses post hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve been pretty busy over here. It’s coming, I promise!

I’ll talk at you soon, Blogland!



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