Running Out of Free Time

What a crazy week! It’s Wednesday and I feel like I’ve accomplished very little. Homework, assigned reading, and tests have taken every spare moment. Lunch breaks and 10s have become my only solace. Carefully doled out free time, where I can shamelessly hurl myself into a fictional world.

Firefight is exceeding my expectations so far. I’m already 124 pages in, leaving 392 to go. I read a bit last night, when I should have been sleeping, and then read a bit more this morning over breakfast. It’s a nice way to wake up.

About four days ago Leah emailed me comments for the next round of edits on A Stranger Comes Knocking. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t looked them over yet, and it’s making me all grumbly. I very much dislike that writing can’t be my absolute top priority during the semester.

And now I have news about another potential time sink.

The Library called me yesterday to set up an interview! Thursday, February 5th at 1pm. And here I’d resigned to not hearing from them again. I’m trying to keep my excitement levels low. This is a part time job, and I tell myself that I’m not that qualified.

But, let’s be real. Their main focuses are customer service and leadership. I’m a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks. Service and Leadership I’ve got in spades. So, I’m fostering a tiny, bubbling, would-be geyser of excitement.

We’ll see how it turns out.

Today’s agenda, then.

  • Finish the second rounds of edits for A Stranger Comes Knocking.
  • French Homework
  • Write The Star Scroll Book Review
  • Read assigned short stories for my Sci-Fi class
  • Trade in the books that I’ve either read, or know I’ll never read

    So long, and thank for all the...
    So long, and thank for all the…

Tomorrow is Patton Oswalt day! I’m looking forward to the day in Portland, and the hours spent in one of the best bookstores in the world, Powell’s! Trevor’s taking a half-day at work, so I only have from 9-1pm to get all my homework done before we leave for Portland.

I’m hoping to get it all done today, so that tomorrow I can focus on the blog and some of my own writing. If I keep focused today, I should be able to make it work.

I’m really good at this whole Time Management thing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not exhausted. I’ve got about 3 hours of French homework, three short stories to read and post about, a short story to edit, and two blog posts to write before tomorrow afternoon.

I’m tired just thinking about it.

I’ll see you all tomorrow!



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