Handwriting and Tempations

Today is all about temptation.

I have two short stories and a novella to read for my Sci-Fi class by Sunday. It’s Friday. And all I really want to do is read the last 70 pages of The Star Scroll. So instead of being disciplined and reading my assigned works first, I’m trolling twitter and WordPress.

Which has led me to the following decision. Once I’m done with this post, I’m going to work to sit in the lobby and read. I have plenty of time to finish my personal reading tomorrow. Today is about school work.

While I was perusing twitter I discovered that it’s National Handwriting Day. Not sure why it gets a day, but I’m more than happy to take a great quote from a favorite book and write it down, take a picture of it, and post it on the internet.
I am Hope

And, of course, my handwriting was particularly rubbish today.

Speaking of Mistborn, Trevor took it to work today. He’s been on page 112 for about two months now. I keep teasing him, telling him to put the book back on the shelf if he isn’t going to read it. But, he kept saying he was going to read it.

A couple days ago I reorganized my bookshelves. When I first set them up I hadn’t stretched my fantasy wings. I was reading fantasy, but not writing it. So, my general fiction and literary fiction were on the top shelves. It was my proclamation, “Look at how well read I am! I’m so smart!”


Now the top shelves are reserved for my fantasy and sci-fi novels. Brandon Sanderson books on the top left, Patrick Rothfuss and other favorite series on the top right.

Anyway, when I reorganized, I put Mistborn back on the shelf. Not because he wasn’t going to read it, but because I wanted to account for it in my organization. I left it there, and today it’s gone.

It better come back to me in one piece...
It better come back to me in one piece…

Trevor remembered to grab it! He might actually read it. I hope he does, because I’ve wanted someone to talk to about Mistborn for about six years now.

So, today I read all kinds of school stuff, and I listen to Writing Excuses Week 3 tonight on my lunch break. Tomorrow is my day off, meaning I’ll be reading The Star Scroll. Once that’s done, I’ll be reading my assigned works.

And then it will be Sunday.

Sunday is the day Caladria goes live! It’s free to join, just set up a profile and you’ll have access to our Library, where you can purchase and download our first publication Fab Fables! The site will also allow you to follow your favorite authors. As soon as the site goes live, I’ll put a permanent link in the ‘About’ page, as well as link it in my posts, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

Expect next week to be a busy week on the blog. I should have the Review of The Star Scroll, Writing Excuses Week 3, and The Caladria announcement posts all up before Wednesday. And then we’re going to the Patton Oswalt signing in Portland on Thursday. So I’m sure I’ll have a lot to talk about come Friday.
patton's book

I finished the edits on A Stranger Comes Knocking. It was just the first round, so lots of tidying and sharpening. It’s not 100% there yet, but it’s close. The ending falls a touch flat, and we’re working on strengthening it. I should get some more feedback in a couple days, when Leah and co., aren’t so incredibly swamped with the website going live.

Until then, I’ve got a stack of reading and French homework to do.

See you next week Blogland!


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