Blogging Breakfast

Eating breakfast and blogging at the same time… Writing from home has it’s perks. I’ve got my laptop out on our tiny dining table. I guess it’s called a ‘Dinette’. It’s a small, round, glass table, with two chairs. It’s comfortable for the work I’ve been doing lately. French homework aside.

Trevor took some vacation time to relax. He was home for six days straight, counting the weekend. And when he’s home I get very little work done. I’ve fallen behind on my edits for A Stranger Comes Knocking, which has left me pretty irritable. That’s my main focus for the first half of my day.

Around 1 I have to switch gears and get my French homework done. Once that’s finished I have my speaking appointment. After that, I have got to try and finish reading Frankenstein today. I have to get to at least page 185, so that I won’t have too much left to read tomorrow before I have to post about it.

Then I have to start reading Jules Verne’s From Earth to the Moon for Sunday’s discussion post.

And somewhere in there I want to read the last 130 pages of The Star Scroll...

I just wanted to stop in and let you guys know I still have projects, and I’m meeting the goals I set for myself.

Now, I’ve only got about an hour to get these edits done!

Talk at you soon, Blogland.


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