Brandon Sanderson Signing Tonight!

Today’s the day! Brandon Sanderson book signing is tonight!

I’m really trying to keep my nerves to a minimum, and I’m going to do my best to act like a coherent human being when I talk to him this time. Thank goodness I have my loving, supportive husband with me, just in case I can’t get my mouth to work properly… again.

Last time, in hindsight, I was beyond drooling. I think I may have spoken a total of ten words, and was probably an alarming shade of red. But, I was so proud of myself when we left. I’d talked to him! I didn’t mumble, and I made eye contact! I considered it a huge success.

Tonight I’m going to do better. I’m determined.

I’m sure there will be photos and an adequate freak out session tomorrow!

See you then Blogland!


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