Momentum and Blues

I’m off to a late start today. I’ve been staying up later and later, and getting up at the same time. But, when I wake up, to “Troy and Abed in the Morning!”, I tend to lay in bed for about an hour. I’ll check email, which is almost always junk that’s accumulated through the night, then I’ll scroll through my Facebook news feed, get lost in a buzzfeed list or a linked fanfiction, and then check out WordPress. Only once all that’s done to I actually get up.

I took my sweet time today. I’m lagging. Or as my mother would say, “dragging ass”. But, now I’m here, I’ve slurped down my venti iced coffee, and I’ve downloaded some iTunes purchases. Currently I’m listening to Hozier. And so far, I am beyond impressed. If you like blues-y, moody, and soulful rock music, you should check it out.

Yesterday was an incredible writing day. I wrote just under 2,000 words, setting up chapter 6 for completion today. The only reason it didn’t get wrapped up yesterday is because I had to go to work. It’s been a long time since Starbucks felt like an interruption.

I mostly just want to take advantage of the time I have before school takes all my free time.

But, my brain isn’t quite ready to finish the chapter. I think I’m going to add some songs to the Jordinn’s Story playlist to give it some thematic variety. When I built the playlist I only really knew Jordinn and Ellesaire, and their problems. But, I have five characters who have viewpoints and plot arcs, and they need to be represented too. So, I’m going to add songs with Joanna, Troy, and Runella in mind.

Hopefully by the time that’s done, I’ll be ready to finish Ellesaire’s chapter. I think food will help too. I’m gonna go do that now.

See you next week Blogland!



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