Dreary January

Firefight releases today! It just so happens to coincide with Sbux Tip Tuesday, which makes me desperate for a bookstore.


But! I won’t buy it yet… I know, I know. I haven’t shut up about this book for a couple weeks, and all of a sudden I’m not buying it?

But that’s because a fortuitous visit to Sanderson’s website dropped a bomb on me yesterday.

Thanks to the book’s release, he’s touring again, and will be in Portland on the 16th! But, I’m scheduled to work during the signing, and was on the verge of tears yesterday afternoon. Ask my friend, Crazybull, he was making fun of me.


But, an angel in the form of a co-worker, swooped down and saved me. She’s agreed to cover the shift, and I am Portland bound! So, in an effort to support awesome Indie bookstores like Powell’s, I’m holding off on my purchase until the event.

Which sort of works out. I didn’t want to rush through The Star Scroll just to read Firefight, and it gives me time to read Mitosis as well. It just allows for better pacing for my reading this month.

Speaking of reading this month, my hubby is a bit of a comedy buff. He loves stand-up, and his favorite comic is Patton Oswalt. He came to Salem once, and I bought us tickets for Trevor’s birthday. We had a blast, because Patton is one hilarious dude. And, in case you hadn’t heard, he launched a book today as well, titled Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life from an Addiction to Film. And, he’ll also be in Portland, at the Burnside Powell’s, on the 29th signing books and shaking hands.

patton's book

So, all of a sudden my dreary January is full of fun events!

Another fun event is a return to our weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaign. This is something relatively new for us. Trevor and I are fairly nerdy people. We play video games extensively. I have a Kingdom Hearts tattoo as well as a Doctor Who tattoo, and Trev’s rocking the Star Trek insignia for life. And I read Sci-Fi/Fantasy almost exclusively these days.

So, when a co-worker of Trevor’s suggested we get a party together for a beginner’s campaign, we were 100% interested. So we gathered a group of pretty interesting people, who created even more interesting characters, and we’ve been playing for a month solid. But, the Holidays made us a skip a week, and tonight is our return!

And what does the only female party member wear to play D&D? Why, only the finest nerdery out there!
ladies-tank-templarcullen-front pikachu cardigan

That’s right! A Dragon Age tank top, featuring her favorite romance option (a gift from her adored husband) and a Pikachu cardigan (a gift from the adored in-laws). Short of cosplaying our characters, it doesn’t get much more nerdy.

I don’t work at the Bux today, so I find myself wasting time scouring the internet, tweeting, and reading intermittently. It’s nice.

But, I did wake up this morning with a drive to work on Jordinn’s Story, so I’m going to wrap up this dribble, and get to it.

I’ll see you soon, Blogland!



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