The New Story Jitters

I’ve got the new story jitters.

I just submitted A Stranger Comes Knocking, and though it’s clean, and I enjoy it, it’s such a departure from Hunting Storm that I’m incredibly nervous. My first Caladria story was a third person tale of dragons, about a mother and daughter. This story is a first person narration involving elves and gods, and though it’s billed as a mystery, there’s a strong thread of romance as well.

And I worry that I’ve missed the mark. What if this is too different from what they wanted? I mean, it’s a collaborative project, so a bit of flexibility on their part is to be expected, right?

Gah! What if they hate it? It’s only 4500 words, but I love my characters, and what they’ve gone through. It’s a good story. I just fear it may need a trim here and there and a fleshing out in other heres and theres. Why that’s making me so nervous I have no idea. I’m fairly accustomed to editing and changing elements of stories. I’ve been writing for a few years now, and know the drill.


It’s different when it’s someone else telling me what needs changed. Not to say I’m not open to feedback, because I totally am. I fear that the story is weaker than Hunting Storm. But, I also know that the characters in this story are much stronger. And I’m quite in love with my leading man. And lady for that matter.

I think there’s added pressure on this story because it leads up to a pretty important moment in the Caladria timeline. My handling of it directly effects a recently announced franchise, a franchise I really want to be a part of.

As a quick refresher, a franchise is a separate publication that takes place in Caladria. So right now we’re all working on the first two issues of Fab Fables, a monthly collection of stand alone short stories in Caladria. But, the events in A Stranger Comes Knocking sets the stage for the first franchise, tentatively titled When Elves Walk Among Us.

So I guess I just feel like there’s a lot riding on this story.

But the bigger question is, what am I going to do now? Both of my stories are turned in. One is completed, awaiting publication, and the second has been submitted for editing. I’d like to finish Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café before the New Year, so I can add it to my list of books read in 2014. Also, I’d like to start 2015 off with Firefight, because that’s just a great book to kick off the New Year with!

I don’t have any pending projects for Caladria, and won’t until I hear back from Leah after the New Year.

I have a few hours left before work. I can either work on Jordinn’s Story, edit a chapter or two of Vessels, or try and get a good chunk of Fried Green Tomatoes read through. And honestly, they’re all equally tempting. I miss my novel, even if it’s being a bit temperamental. But, I refuse to give up editing my first novel, and I’m over halfway done. And I REALLY want to finish this book club book!

Too much awesome for one day!

I’ll see you soon Blogland!



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