My Reading List Keeps Growing!

Guys! Guys, guys, guys!

I am so excited right now! Like, drawing attention to myself in the Starbucks lobby as I fangirl and foam at the mouth, excited!

I popped over to Brandon Sanderson’s website to check-in with his progress meters, because they don’t show up on his mobile site. So, I’m skimming through blog posts, and see that he’s done a 2014 summary, as well announced his projects for 2015…

Guys! He’s releasing two, dos, deux, zwei, TWO Mistborn books next year! Both of them Wayne and Wax novels, AKA sequels to The Alloy of Law! And he admitted that there will be a fourth and final book in that series somewhere down the line.

Guys! I am wigging out right now. Add to it that Firefight, the sequel to Steelheart comes out next week, and I have a deadline to meet! I can’t be stuck reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café when a new Brandon Sanderson book is released!

Also, his list of projects is so overwhelming. He has so much going on and I am so excited for all of them!

The weekend before last found me traipsing around Portland with Trevor and his parents. And if I’m in Portland, I’m stopping at Powell’s. Trevor grumbles as he follows me about the metropolis of books, but I think he secretly enjoys it. I don’t know how he couldn’t. Any place that packed with books is too magical to dismiss lightly. I think he mostly worries about our bank account when I’m there.

This last trip I only bought five books. He thought it was a lot, but I promised him it could have been so, so much more.

If we lived anywhere near this book mecca, I’m certain I’d be begging on the corner within days. Above you’ll see my five finds. The top two are starts to series I’ve been meaning to try. Year Zero is a sci-fi that’s been chilling on my goodreads “to read” list for far too long. Castings was a lucky find. I’d never heard of it before, but upon reading the back cover, and leafing through the pages, I’m pretty stoked to tear into it.

It’s the bottom book that is my true treasure however. It’s a hardback copy of both Legion and The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson. I already own, and had signed, a paperback copy of The Emperor’s Soul, but could only find Legion as an ebook. And if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I don’t do ebooks, if it can be helped. And so I’ve never read Legion, but snatched up this copy for $10!

It’s perfect timing, because the sequel was just released, and I can get a hardback copy from Powell’s!

But, before I can tear into any of these, I have to finish the current Book Club book. I’m almost halfway there, and am feeling motivated to get it out of the way. School starts in a couple of weeks, and my reading time will be hurt because of it. At least, my pleasure reading will be.

Today I plan to start edits on A Stranger Comes Knocking. I’m feeling confident as far as readability and grammar stuff, it’s content I’m worried about. I fear the story may have taken a direction Caladria isn’t really looking for…

The only way to find out is to edit it up and send it off. For all I know they’ll be pleasantly surprised, and they might really enjoy my spin on events. I don’t know.

I have an hour or so today, and about four hours tomorrow to work on the story. My goal is to turn it in before work tomorrow. And since I can’t seem to focus, I’m gonna get some lunch.

Have a great day, Blogland!



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