Endings, Interstellar, and Lunch

It’s been a long day already. Woke up at 9, finished a day’s worth of French homework and took a chapter test before noon. Just finished my Short Story class assignments, and it’s 2:30. Now I have three and half hours before I have to work.

I’ve had a cup of raspberry yogurt and a vanilla latte. My stomach isn’t pleased. But I can’t decide what to eat. Nothing sounds good enough to warrant leaving my cozy set up at Sbux, but nothing available here sounds good either.

So, today I want to finish Hunting Storm. Aside from lunch, that’s priority number one. If that goes well, then I’ll work on chapter five of Jordinn’s Story. I’ve been saying that a lot lately, and I never quite have time to get to it. But now that this short story is almost over, I should have a couple hours a day to chisel away at it.

I’ve been reading The Star Scroll, though slowly since I don’t have a lot of free time. I should hear from The Book Bin either today or tomorrow, so hopefully I can get started on Stupid & Contagious. Kayla, the supposed non-reader, was the first to finish the book and she liked it! So, as far as I’m concerned, the book club is already a success.

What else is going on? Oh! Trevor and I saw Interstellar over the weekend, and though it is a touch slow in parts, I really loved it. The character development is great! The score was amazing, as well as the cinematography. Matthew McConaughey was really great, and brought me to tears several times. And I’m not a fan of his in general. If you’re looking for something action packed, you might be disappointed. There’s action, but this is about story more than special effects. It’s about characters and how time and distance affects relationships. Although, the special effects are spectacular.

Trevor and I are finally getting over the last dredges of this weird flu/cold thing we have going on. Aside from a persistent cough we’re back to normal.

Anyway, there’s an update for you. I have a bit of writing to do today, and my lunch just arrived. Jimmy John’s ordered online. Pretty awesome.

Have a good Monday Blogland!



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