Reading, French, and a Little Diversion

There are some cool things happening, Blogland!

Besides the ever present workload of school, I’ve been busy at work, with a goal of earning a promotion. Probably not before Holiday, but I’m keeping my eye on the proverbial prize regardless. I’ve been reading a ton, and finally finished Dragon Prince. Man, what a roller coaster that was. Typically I’d be half way through the second book by now, but I have got to get cracking on my book club book! We meet in two weeks, and I haven’t even bought the damn thing yet!

Cutting it a little close for comfort there. I’ve still got my novel mewling in the back of my head, waiting for its turn. I’ve got a manuscript to look over. My own editing dreams still fighting to survive, and now, I’ve volunteered to write a short story for Caladria.

And, despite all the rest of me crying out that I don’t have the time, I’m super excited to get started. I have a bit of research to do first, because I don’t know nearly enough about the world and its creatures to write a convincing story yet. But, I’ve got the scenes planned out in my head. And by planned out I mean they’re flickering images of awesomeness waiting to get typed out. For the next week or so I’ll be virtual-elbows deep in world maps, and culture lore, in an effort to understand my two characters.

To the WriMos out there, good job getting as far as you have! And don’t you dare give up now!

What else? I feel like I always forget something….

Check out the “What I’m Reading” page, because it’s changing frequently! 12 short stories a week, plus my own pleasure reading is taking up a ton of my time!

Also, if you’re a gamer, check out Shadow of Mordor. It’s very entertaining, and the story so far is decent. But, I’m still waiting for Dragon Age: Inquisition to release. Expect to hear very little from me once it does!

I just wanted to post a quick update! As soon as I have a better feel for my project with Caladria, I’ll talk it up a bit more!

Thanks for hanging with me,



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