Busy Season

It’s that time of year. The lackadaisical whimsy of summer is gone replaced by the urgency of fall. Suddenly my carefree days are filled with To-Do lists; find costume pieces, carve a pumpkin, plan and prep for Friendsgiving, coordinate family holiday plans, school, busy season at Sbux, NaNoWriMo, buy gifts for Christmas.

It goes on and on.

Luckily my costume for Friday is complete. I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but I’m part of a five member group costume, that’s going to be amazing! I promise loads of pictures.

Trevor’s birthday is Monday, and he just bought himself Shadow of Mordor, so now I have no clue what to get him… That brat buys everything he wants, leaving me struggling to come up with a good gift, year after year. But, it kind of adds to the fun of hunting down the perfect gift.

Today is Tip Tuesday.

If you’ve ever worked for Starbucks, you know that this is the day when the last week’s tips are divvied out. This week’s tips are going toward laundry money, Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane, and Patrick Rothfuss’s new book. I want to buy Prince Lestat, but it’s going to be pricey in hardback, so it’ll have to wait.

NaNoWriMo starts Saturday. For those of you new to this business, that’s Nation Novel Writer’s Month. The goal is to write 50,000 words by December 1st. I’ve yet to complete it, and I’m not going to this year either. I simply have way too much on my plate, which is a shame, because the Salem Chapter is active and full of awesome people.


School’s plugging along, and my English class continues to entertain me. My French class has become a source of frustration thanks to technical difficulties during my chapter exam last night, but my grade should survive.

I still entertain thoughts of working on Jordinn’s Story, but I’m starting to think it’ll have to wait until the holiday break from school. Even if that’s the case, it’s an entire month of free time, so I should get a lot done.

I finally spent about an hour adventuring through Caladria last night, and feel comfortable sharing a few details with you guys. So, here’s the concept: Caladria is a collaborative world of fiction. Some awesome people got together to create a living world, using software I’ve never seen before. So, in this fictional world, there are different species and continents, and oceans. It has a living timeline, that grows and changes based on the fiction we write. Last night’s wanderings found me exploring the interactive world map, that allows me to scroll across oceans and mountains and villages. Some have names, some are as yet undiscovered.

You’re wondering how this works, right?

The lovely folks who thought up this radical idea have invited volunteers, of which I am one. They send us info via newsletters, and invite us and guide us through exploring and learning the world. When they’re ready for content, they email story outlines. So, the story has a title, there’s a brief synopsis, followed by the desired genre and word count. They don’t demand a certain ending, or even limit characters. We are allowed to create as much as we deem necessary for the story.

As volunteers, we pick our top three story choices, and they email us back when they’ve doled out the outlines. Then, we get about two months to plug away at the story. We submit to them by the due date, there’s back and forth about any necessary editing, and then it’s out of the writer’s hands.

Where does it go?

The lovely folks working behind the scenes will be formatting and prepping the stories for an E-Zine, currently titled Fab Fables, which will be available for purchase through Amazon. I don’t know when it will be available, but I believe sometime after the New Year.

And why am I doing this?

Well, aside from the completely incredible opportunity to work on something I’ve never seen done before, I could potentially see income from my endeavors. If one of my stories makes the cut for the issue of the E-Zine, I will see a portion of the sales. I have no idea how it gets doled out, or what the percentage is, and it doesn’t really matter to me. The fact that any income is possible is exciting enough.

Plus, if this thing takes off, I will be able to say I was there from the get go. Another feather in my proverbial cap. And, I imagine working on Caladria will be quite similar to working on a large scale video game. I’ve always thought writing video games would be amazing, and I want any sort of experience that can help me toward that goal.

BioWare, here I come! <————- That’s dream status right there.

On another note, a reader messaged me via my Facebook page last night. Surprised the hell out of me. He read my post from yesterday, and noticed my interest in editing. He wondered if I might be willing to work with him in editing his fantasy novel. And he asked how much I would charge.

Now, I’m flattered, really. But, I have zero editing experience outside of my own work and school papers. I would feel like a real schmuck if I took this guy’s money. But, I offered to take a look at his book anyway, and give him feedback. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes will make all the difference.

And hey, maybe I’ll be in the Acknowledgements!

And, you know, I’d still like to edit Vessels some time this year.

So, in addition to all the stuff I have with school and work I have some really cool writerly things happening too. Anyway, I have Spring classes to register for! See you later, Blogland!


2 thoughts on “Busy Season”

  1. Caladria sounds like a really cool opportunity in between other projects! Can your average person check it, and maybe your work on it, out?

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