Keeping Track

The first week and a half of school is over, and I gotta say, I’m kicking ass. So far I’m ahead of due dates and deadlines. My Discussion Posts in my Short Story class are earning 100%, and my French class is challenging and entertaining. I’m loving this online learning environment.

If you happen to pop over to the “What I’m Reading” page, you’ll see some changes. With school and the book club started up, I’m reading quite a bit, so I decided to update the list. I still have my pleasure reading list, which comes first, then there’s the “Literary” list, which will include my assigned reading from school. Under that you’ll see the “Book Club” list, which is self-explanatory.

Speaking of the book club, we had our first meeting on Wednesday. Two people couldn’t make it, but the rest of us picked our first book, our time frame and meeting dates, and where we’ll be meeting. We’re starting with Caprice Crane’s Stupid and Contagious, a book I’ve read before, that I love.

It’s a good start, especially since we’ve got a non-reader in our midst. It’s funny, entertaining, and it involves Starbucks, so we’ll all get a kick out of it. Plus, it’s fairly short. Lily, who volunteered to host our first real meeting, is going to set up an awesome baked potato bar, and there’ll be wine and beer. I’ll make sure to take pictures and show off our general awesomeness.

My writing is still nonexistent, but I’m going to finally log on to Caladria and start looking around! I planned on spending a good chunk of the afternoon familiarizing myself with the project, since I’m caught up on homework for the week, but I got called in to work early. Of course.

But, I still have an hour before I have to clock on, so at least I’ll get to log in and take a peek at this cool project.

In my personal reading life, I started reading Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince. It’s not my typical reading, in that it’s a bit tawdry. You know, 80s Fantasy/Romance. A little sexual for my usual reading, but so far I’m loving it. The politics are pretty good so far, the world is intriguing, and this connection between Rohan and Sioned is undeniable. Plus, watching Rohan put his foot in his mouth over and over with her is just plain funny.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Trevor read the entire Maze Runner series in about two weeks. Now, he’s not a reader. In fact, he claims to hate reading. But, he loved that series, and was so jazzed up by it, that he’s picked up Mistborn! He’s making progress, though slowly. Mistborn is totally different than Maze Runner, and I warned him that it took a while to really get going, but he’s sticking with it. And I couldn’t be happier.

I’ll make a reader out of him yet.

Anyway, I’m off to check out Caladria for a half hour or so, and then I’m Starbucks bound until Midnight. Have a great day Blogland!



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