The Long Week, and a Surprise!

It’s been a while Blogland. This past week has been full of work, school, and an unexpected visit to the Hospital. Don’t worry, I’m fine, and so’s Trevor. My best friend’s dad lives in Hillsboro, and had a seizure. I went to visit him, since his daughter couldn’t leave Arizona herself.

I had a lot of poetic thoughts about my visit, and wanted to write them down. It was definitely a moving experience for me, and I am beyond glad I could be there for my friend and her family. But, today isn’t the day to wax poetic about the importance of a moment. Perhaps later this week.

Destiny, a highly anticipated video game, is finally here. I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing, but will reserve official judgement until I finish the game. So far though, great gameplay, terrible story.

And so I’ve been busy. This is my first chance to sit down and write, and I’m glad for it. I miss clacking away at my aging macbook. I’m still reading through ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’. With everything going on, reading is one way I can keep connected to my writing, plus Kvothe’s story is really picking up.

I also wanted to mention that, some point in the last few weeks, my blog passed the 200 Followers mark! Now, considering that this month marks the three year anniversary of the blog, this isn’t many followers. But, that’s over 200 people that I have never met. The only contact I have with these folks is virtual.

And it’s mind blowing. I wanted to thank you all. Knowing you’re here, reading my ramblings and following my version of the journey to publishing, helps me remember that I can do this. That I should.

I woke today, my mind muddled with the heavy layer of sleep twisted through it, to a WordPress notification on my phone. I thought it odd, given my silence over the last week, but was excited.

Now, I don’t really know much about this whole blogging community thing. I blog to get thoughts out of my mind to make space for fiction. But, there are these Awards, apparently, which people get nominated for. I have no idea how one earns a nomination, nor if a winner is ever chosen, but I was nominated nonetheless.

Thanks to A.D. Martin, who tagged me at the bottom of his list, I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award.

And thanks for the use of your logo mash-up!
And thanks for the use of your logo mash-up!

So, what does this mean?

I have no idea. Except that I must adhere to, and post the rules of the chain-letter nomination.

The Rules:

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you
  • List the Rules, and display the award image
  • Include 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate an additional 15 blogs, and notify them by leaving a comment on one of their posts
  • Follow the blogger who nominated you

So, I have thanked and linked my nominator, and I just happen to already follow his Lovely Blog, and now his twitter feed. I have listed the rules. Now come the facts, followed by my 15 nominees.

Fact: I have an insurmountable love of purple. If not for Trevor’s good sense, our entire house would be coated in a fluff-pile of purple pillows.

Fact: I am tattooed.

Fact: I am a coffee drinker. It comes with the Starbucks territory.

Fact: I love music. I listen to all kinds, but my top listens right now are: anything Chris Cornell was involved with, AFI/Blaqk Audio, Ed Sheeran, and Snow Patrol.

Fact: I drive a 2003 Toyota Corolla. I’ve owned it since 2008, it has almost 120,000 miles on it, and is unstoppable.

Fact: I believe that DIsneyland truly is the Happiest Place on Earth. And I’ll be really damn happy come September 29th!

Fact: Bookstores have an effect on me. I imagine it’s the same effect an alcoholic feels when they walk into a bar. The hairs on my arms and back of my neck lift, my breathing deepens, and I am filled with contentment. A sense that all is right with the world. I have been this way since I stepped into my Elementary school library for the first time. I don’t expect the wonder, respect, and deep emotion I feel when I step into a building full of books will ever leave me.

Now for my 15 nominations.

Ileandra Young, writer of Fantasy and Erotica, and a longtime reader of this blog. She’s involved with some pretty awesome writer-ly stuff. You should be reading her!

Terzah Cain, author, poet, and wordsmith, who constantly offers up thoughtful posts about writing.

Jodie Llewellyn, writer, reader. She constantly opens my eyes to new books, in genres I might ignore otherwise.

Lynette Noni, whose blog is a reminder that hard work and dedication can, and will, pay off.

D.M.W. Lewis, writer of YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and over all an extremely entertaining read.

John Guillen, who consistently writes entertaining, opinionated posts about all things books.

Andrew Knighton, writer of Alternate History Sci-Fi/Fantasy. He’s also a Whovian, and we’ve got to stick together! Plus, he draws my attention to genres I would normally leave on the shelf.

Trent P. McDonald, reader, commenter, and writer of Trent’s World. His blog features all kinds of things, including his writing, reading, artwork, and vacationing habits.

Artemis Lousie, who writes interesting pieces reflecting on her experiences in the counter culture. I identify with her posts, and enjoy reading them. Plus, she’s introduced me to new music, which makes us instant BFFs.

Brittany Foster, the genius over at Quoth the Wordsmith. And, no, I didn’t select her just because we spell our names the same. It did help, however.

Rachael Stanford, a hilarious blogger, whose journey through writing and life is always a great read.

Jennifer Bresnick, author and blogger, whose posts are generally full of good writing advice and commentary.

Benjamin H. Hebert, a sometimes writer I met through Write About Dragons. I’m always glad to see one of his posts in my feed.

Erynn Im-Sato, book blogger, with a refreshing and upbeat look at reading, working in the publishing industry, and life.

Thomas M. Watt, writer and blogger, his posts are in-depth looks at elements of writing. Always an interesting read.

Fifteen is a lot of people. I hope this chain letter award thing is considered a good thing, and not some irritating waste of time. I enjoyed it, and it allowed me to revisit blogs I may have skipped over recently. If one of my Fifteen happens to read this before I comment on their blog, I’m sorry. The comment is coming, I promise!

Now, my writing was limited last week, though I made good progress on my reading. This week I want to finish chapter 5, and edit two chapters from ‘Vessels’. That’s the goal. Today was a blog catch up day, and with a fairly early work start time, I didn’t plan on writing much. But, tomorrow and Wednesday are big writing days.

We leave for Disneyland on the 29th. By then I want to finish chapter 6, and edit through to chapter 15 of ‘Vessels’. That last bit’s a pretty lofty goal, but hey, shoot for the moon and all that, right?

Anywho, I’m off to work, and probably lunch. I’ll see you soon, Blogland!


6 thoughts on “The Long Week, and a Surprise!

  1. Thanks for the nomination! I’m running an “award free” blog so I won’t accept/keep it going, but I do appreciate the nomination. Don’t worry, I don’t think of it as “some irritating waste of time”. I know I follow of few of my fellow nominees, but I’ll try take a look at least a few others from the links you posted.

  2. Thanks for the mention – glad you’re enjoying my blog. I don’t tend to do these award things, and did a semi-joining-in here’s-my-facts post fairly recently, so I won’t follow on, but I know other people enjoy them. And I have followed the step that is ‘follow the person’s blog’ – as you say, we Whovians have to stick together!

    On another note, I’m also a Chris Cornell fan. Soundgarden have some awesome albums, and if you haven’t heard Johnny Cash’s cover of Rusty Cage then you should really check it out. I wouldn’t call it better – the original’s great too – but there’s an amazing intensity to it.

  3. My dear fellow blogger – thanks soooo much for nominating me. Much like hugs, I don’t actually do many of these kinds of awards because … well … there’s no stage and little golden phallic man and (looking over my shoulder and crouching really low, typing ever so silently) nobody actually knows who the Academy is. But I concur with you on so many levels as I read your “facts.” Chris Cornell – I don’t even know what he looks like but I just love his voice and brand of nostalgia-rock sound. Oh, and bookstores, and libraries, make me want to use every single sense (I mean it, taste and smell-e-vision too) and for some strange reason also make me feel so at home that I always need to find a bathroom. Crazy. Disney owns my heartstrings and the copyright thereto. I plan on posting a story about my secret crush – Goofy soon. Thanks for following and for digging me enough to nominate me. P.S. I already follow you. You were one of my first (blushing) follows when I started last year. Air-Hugs! (it’s the equivalent of an Oprah-hug.)

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