The Healing Powers of a Weekend

Friday’s post was a bit humdrum, and here I’m sitting on a new Monday feeling refreshed and motivated. It’s amazing what a weekend can accomplish.

Trevor and I were both off Saturday, our first day off together since our return from our Wedding Getaway. We slept in, cleaned house, and then opened any lingering wedding gifts and put them to good use.

An old co-worker of mine has returned to Salem, and is now a new co-worker of mine. He and his girlfriend came over for dinner, and true to form, Trevor pulled out all the stops.

Using the Apple Green KitchenAid stand mixer his parents got us, we made our own Spinach Spaghetti. We’d never had fresh pasta before, and I think I will never have boxed pasta ever again.

Trevor cooked down chopped bacon in white wine with cloves of garlic, and once that was done he cooked shrimp in it. The result was garlic bacon shrimp in a white wine sauce over spinach spaghetti. Add side caesar salad and garlic bread, and we all stopped talking for a solid thirty minutes.

Our mouths were otherwise engaged.

And so we spent the night, until we lay down, tipsy on wine. And finally I slept, relaxed and happy.

I’ve felt renewed since then. And wishing there had been leftovers.

Anyway, today’s goal is purely writing. I edited enough over the last couple weeks, but my word count has dwindled. I aim to fix that this week.

I’m still reading ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’, though my progress has been slow. The book is great, I’ve just been busy this past week. Hopefully the next few weeks will find me reading more.

Anyway, there’s work to be done, and only a few hours to spend on it. Have a good Monday Blogland!


2 thoughts on “The Healing Powers of a Weekend

  1. Glad to hear your weekend (and the food thereof) was awesome. I’m still trying to crack the code of epic cooked eats, but my variety is limited by only cooking for one.

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