The Comedown

I feel worn out. I’m not sure if it’s just the final comedown from all this wedding excitement, or if I’ve just reached the maximum amount of social exertion. It has been a very active week, going out with friends nearly every night. And, thanks to weird scheduling, I haven’t written anything new. I’ve got some editing done, but no writing.

I aim to change that today. Though my time is still short. I’m still reading ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ and haven’t made nearly the progress I would like; only 176 pages in.

Anyway, music is pumping along the umbilical cord that is my headphones, extending a lifeline and an escape. With headphones in the world around me fades out, leaving me alone in my head to coax characters to life.

I don’t feel like writing, if I’m honest. But, right now, I don’t feel like much of anything. I feel grey. I’m not sad. But I’m not happy, or even content. Nor am I angry or excited. I just am.

And tired.

Keep an eye out for a new page. I’ve considered it for awhile now, and realized that it’s something I should have included from the outset of this blog. Almost three years later I’m finally including it.

Anyway, I’ve got work to do. See you around.


3 thoughts on “The Comedown

  1. I’m currently partway through The Name of the Wind, which means that The Wise Man’s Fear will probably get onto my to-read pile sometime. Did you find this series a bit slow to start? The part at the inn seemed to have not much going on, but now that I’m into Kvothe’s story I’m fascinated by him.

    • The beginning was weird. There were all these characters, and you weren’t really sure who would end up being important, other than Kote and Bast. Then you follow the Chronicler briefly, and I was even more confused. But, it also intrigued me. It was all preamble for the actual story, and I found it pretty unique. What’s really pulled me along with these books is trying to reconcile young Kvothe with the man we see as the Innkeeper. Where do the two become one?

      • That’s something that has me intrigued as well. So far I’ve seen the younger Kvothe as this theatre kid developing potent magical powers, then as a down-and-out caught in terrible circumstances on the alienating streets of the big city, not to mention introducing the villains who caused that to happen. It feels like everything he’s going through will be relevant in the end, and I’m intrigued to see how.

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