Rainy Days and the Introvert

I’m still not used to the rain here. Especially summer rain. I grew up with explosive bursts of lightning and thunder, and torrents of rain that came and went faster than the Looney Toons Roadrunner.

But today’s rain, though accompanied by occasional lightning strikes and low rumbles of thunder, is calming. It doesn’t ignite the soul like a monsoon. Instead it seems a salve, a balm to bring a gentle calm to my mind, and relaxation to my tense muscles.

It’s my day off, and already plans have built up, with people claiming my time. Yesterday, in the scorching heat and bright sunshine, I was excited to spend time with friends. But today, under a bank of mercury clouds, I’ve lost that motivation.

Instead I’d like to disappear into editing and writing, but even that seems unlikely. Doesn’t mean I won’t try.

So, today’s plan is sparse, but I want to edit another chapter of ‘Vessels’, and then start the second chapter of Jordinn’s Story.

Wish me luck!


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