Battling Script Format

I’m not sure how productive I’ll be today. Yesterday was a good day, with two chapters finding their way into second drafts. I’d intended to start fleshing out scenes today, and I’m still going to try.

But mostly I’m just very morose. Today is my favorite co-worker’s last day at our store. It’s a dumb reason to be so melancholy, but I can’t help it. I bought him a card, and I’ve signed it. Which means I wrote a short story inside. Also, I made a final closing playlist that we’ll listen to tonight.

Doing both of those things has helped my mood. Mostly I just feel solemn. I know tonight is going to suck, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

But, I’m ready now. I’ve started waging war with the new project. Because a large chunk of the story was in script format, I’ve had to completely trash the first Scrivener document in order to get the formatting right. Now I just have all the previous works in one Word document, that way I can cross reference it as I start writing.

I’m feeling pretty stubborn. I am going to get this story rolling, finally dive in and be completely absorbed in my own fiction again.

Anyway, I’m itching to get at it, so I’ll catch you later, Blogland!



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