Threading Scenes Together

Hey Blogland,

‘Cards’ is officially done. I fleshed out a couple paragraphs, and altered the final scene a little bit, and suddenly felt satisfied. It still feels open, but that’s because there are more stories for the characters to tell.

Just not right now.

The remainder of my writing time was spent working on ‘Jordinn’s Story’. That’s how I refer to the trilogy I’m starting. Titles are dumb, by the way. When I say working on, I mean, I outlined a little, but mostly scoured through files to round up all the previous incarnations and pieces from the larger story.

These characters have been living in my brain for years now, and since I knew I wasn’t ready to actually write the series, I used them for short story assignments and a screenwriting class.

Now I’m picking up the pieces, and tomorrow I’ll start threading them together and fleshing them out, into an actual novel.

My time today was limited. I had a post-wedding errand, that turned into a nice tour of a soon to be restaurant/bar, and hanging out with a friend. Once at Starbucks I began editing chapter 6 of ‘Vessels’, and I’ll finish that before I clock on.

Also, my reading has dwindled. I’ve been reading some fan fiction, which is always entertaining, but I abandoned The Dark Tower series. Abandoned is a strong word. It’s still sitting in my box at work, waiting for me to pick up where I left off.

Today I’ll dive back in. It’s time to get back into the swing of reading and writing every day. As I fall back into the routine, you’ll see me around quite a bit more.

I look forward to it.



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