Beginnings and Ends

First let me say that I’m not sorry for the lapse in posts.

Ok, I am, but I couldn’t, nor would I, change that. Ultimately, as the wedding drew closer, I was kidnapped by all the responsibilities and time leeches that come with planning your own wedding.

Appointments with caterers and cake people. Writing my own vows. And the emailing. Constant emailing. The photographer, the DJ, the Officiant. Holy crow, the emailing!

So, I didn’t finish the novel before the wedding. In fact, between enrolling in classes and constantly emailing SOMEONE about something to do with Holy Matrimony, I didn’t touch a computer for any other purposes.

And so we were finally married, after six years, on Saturday the 26th. And it was beautiful. Exactly what I wanted, with delicious food, cake, and plenty of dancing. It was a wonderful wedding.

But, now it’s over, and my life is starting to settle. Suddenly I have free time again, and for a few days I was content binge-watching The X-Files on Netflix.

And then I woke up Saturday morning, and I had to write. My brain had given me a small hiatus in order to focus on the wedding, but my leisure time was up. It was time to get back to work. I finished chapter 20 that day, and even wrote a segment for the Epilogue.

Yesterday I finished the Epilogue. But, it doesn’t feel done. I don’t know if that’s because I don’t like the ending, or if it’s because there will be a sequel. I’ve never written anything that had a sequel, maybe this is how it feels.

So, today I will be revisiting the Epilogue in an effort to decide if it truly is done. I think there’s something missing from it, something that keeps my mind unsettled in regard to this story.

Now, let me just say that, when you’ve worked hard for six months to create a habit of writing every day, taking a month off leaves you feeling…


At first I felt as if my brain was percolating, cooking up ideas and presenting them in quick succession. And then, once I set about to actually write them, they didn’t flow.

When I wrote every day the scenes flowed, sentences coursing from my brain, down my arms, through my fingers, onto the keys and then into the virtual space of my Macbook’s hard drive.

But, just a month of not writing has atrophied the muscles. Writing the end of chapter 20 and the Epilogue was like a really strenuous session of Physical Therapy, and it reminded me why writing every day is so important.

I don’t plan on relapsing.

So, once I’ve tweaked this Epilogue and can finally call this novel ‘done’, I have a plan. I’m going to dive back into the ‘Vessels’ edits, leaving ‘Cards’ to ferment for as long as I can.

When I’m not editing I’ll be working on a new novel, the first of a planned Trilogy. We’ll see what comes of it. I know there’s life in it, and that it will exceed my expectations. Every novel I’ve written has ended up longer and better than anticipated. I’m not sure if I have really low expectations, or if I’m just awesome.

I wouldn’t put my money on the latter.

In non-writing news, I’ve been battling a migraine for two days now. They don’t usually linger through sleep, but this one’s putting up one hell of a fight. I took Advil first thing yesterday morning, recognizing the tell-tale twinge just above and behind my left eye. When that didn’t work, I beelined for the caffeine. When that didn’t help, I drank a ton of water. Still no relief. So I resorted to letting my husband massage a trouble spot in my left shoulder. He worked so hard at it, I’m actually a little tender today.

And though it’s less intense, it’s still here.

I’m hoping that it will be gone by tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m back, headache and all. Just wanted to post, let you all know, and to warm up a bit before I delve back into ‘Cards’ for the last time.

It’s always kind of sad, knowing that the next time I visit these characters will be to tear them apart and to rebuild them. They’re young and fresh, and I am loathe to stow them away.

But, that’s the way of things. At least for me.

See you tomorrow, Blogland.



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