A Case of the (Happy) Mondays

Let’s just start with the fact that today is already awesome!

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it here, but the lovely Ileandra, fellow blogger/author, and a follower of this blog, held a 100 word Flash Fiction contest, in honor of her birthday.

I entered on a whim, with 100 words from a scene from ‘Cards’. The scene does not exist in the novel, it’s just a blip from the world. A moment of thought.

Apparently it was a good thought.

My 100 words were chosen as the winner of the competition! Not only can I add that particular feather to my cap, but the piece is now posted over at Ileandra’s page, and I get a $10 amazon gift card as a prize!

Now, I don’t have much of a bucket list, but the few things I do have on there are writing related. One of them is to receive payment for a piece of fiction.

What do you think? Does this count?

Even if it doesn’t, it won’t diminish the awesome feeling that came with that email this morning.

So, I languished in my awesomeness, which was really just me not wanting to leave the comfort and coziness of my bed. I read some blogs, tooled around Facebook, and generally wasted time until Escape Fiction opened at 10.

Escape Fiction is an amazing bookstore that’s been hiding just down the street from my apartment. If you’ve ever been to or seen Powell’s City of Books in Portland, think that, but on a much smaller scale.

It’s still this intense maze of winding shelves and conjoined buildings, and while they carry books of every possible fiction genre, they seem to specialize in Sci-Fi/Fantasy. In fact, while most books are used, they have a section dedicated to new SFF.

I discovered this hidden trove of books only  last week, and I’ve already been twice in my quest for The Dark Tower. Today’s trip landed me books 3 and 4 of the series. And only for $8. I’d say that’s worth it.

Anyway, that’s been my day so far, and that’s why it’s been awesome.

But, I do have to admit that I didn’t get any writing accomplished after my last post. Wedding stuff was just too in my face to ignore any longer.

So, instead of working on chapter 17, as I’d planned, I emailed caterers, and booked our honeymoon! The five day stay in the Disneyland Resort Hotel is booked, though not quite paid for. That’ll take a while.

Today is really my only opportunity to write, because we get keys to the new apartment tomorrow. For the next two weeks or so, my free time is going to be spent packing, cleaning, and moving all my belongings.

I want to finish chapter 17 today, that way, once all the moving’s done, I can start fresh on chapter 18. Still so close, I just have to push through to the end.

I’m feeling pretty good about it. In fact, I’m just feeling pretty good.

Catch you later blogland!



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